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The diffusion of electronics in the latest generation vehicles represents a new challenge for battery chargers in managing the energy required by the battery. It becomes necessary to choose car battery chargers that ensure maximum efficiency and duration of the battery over time in order to guarantee full functionality to each vehicle.

The chargers resold by Indors are at the forefront as regards chargers and starters that allow you to always have batteries at maximum performance.

The catalog of chargers and starters collects a wide range of products among which all you have to do is make the right choice. Each battery charger or starter is characterized by the use of different technologies, performance and high build quality.

Battery chargers and starters able to satisfy the most diverse needs, for the professional or for the simple home user, which guarantee maximum efficiency in complete safety, are the fundamental prerogatives, all to be taken into consideration in selecting the best charger or starter to take car battery care.

A wide range of battery chargers, charge maintainers and starters with advanced technology: the right solution for every operational need.

For any emergency or need, there is always a need for a car charger . From today, on Indors, you can buy the Deca charger that best suits your needs for the most unexpected moments or even just for proper maintenance of your vehicle. Battery charger for truck, camper, car etc.

Traditional, portable and equipped with different capacities, Deca and Telwin chargers are a guarantee for all those looking for a reliable, easy to use and above all professional tool. Suitable for both lead and acid batteries, these instruments allow the regulation of charging current and are equipped with a short-circuit protection system.

Always having a Deca or Telwin car charger at hand will certainly come in handy in times of need and, thanks to their low weight, these objects can be transported at any time, on vacation or at work, and will be able to charge small or large vehicles such as trucks or RVs.

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