Car Chargers, Charge Maintainers and Starters

The diffusion of electronics in latest generation vehicles represents a new challenge for battery chargers in managing the energy required from the battery. It becomes necessary to choose car battery chargers that ensure maximum efficiency and battery life over time in order to ensure full functionality for each vehicle.

Our portable chargers and starters are cutting-edge and allow you to always have batteries at their peak performance, avoiding finding yourself in unpleasant situations. Thanks to their low weight, they can be easily transported anywhere and help you load both small and large vehicles.

Here you will find a guide to the best chargers for both professional and domestic use, suitable for both lead-acid and lead-acid batteries and equipped with short-circuit protection. But which charger is best for your needs?

What is the best portable car charger

Car chargers usually have compact dimensions and a small dial that indicates the battery charge through light signals. In order to work, car chargers must necessarily be connected to a power outlet and are used to reactivate the battery of your car when it is too low in charge to be able to start.

Car chargers are equipped with clamps or cables with negative and positive poles to be connected to the battery and allow you to resume normal use of the car after starting it.

Battery starters

Battery starters differ from battery chargers in that they do not need to be plugged in to work and therefore can be used in any situation. Jump starters are usually used in an emergency and can easily be kept in the vehicle so as not to get stuck in unpleasant situations. After starting the engine using the starter, it will be necessary to replace the battery.

Charge maintainer

The charge maintainers, on the other hand, are used to check the charge status of your vehicle's battery with the aim of preventing suddenly finding yourself with a flat battery and intervening promptly. Charge maintainers are useful in situations where the vehicle is left stationary for long periods of time, risking battery deterioration or premature discharge.

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