Scaffolding: Discover the Different Types

When it comes to working in elevated areas, it is crucial to select the right scaffolding to ensure safety and productivity on the construction site or in the respective work area. Scaffolding structures are used for safe access to elevated areas, usually during construction or maintenance work. There are various types of scaffolding, each designed to adapt to specific work needs and environmental conditions.

  • FIXED SCAFFOLDING: Stable and durable structure for long-duration work
  • MOBILE SCAFFOLDING: Equipped with wheels for easy movement from one point to another
  • TELESCOPIC SCAFFOLDING: Offers the possibility to adjust height according to needs
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SCAFFOLDING: Combines various features and options, such as height adjustments, wide working platforms, and additional accessories

Scaffolding: What is the UNI EN 1004:2021 Regulation?

Following compliance with this mandatory decree, there are additional regulations followed by some types of scaffolding. We have the UNI EN 1004:2021 regulation, which, starting from December 1, 2021, replaced the previous EN1004:2005 regulation withdrawn in November 2021. After this date, scaffolding compliant only with the 2005 regulation can no longer be manufactured or sold/purchased.

Considerations When Choosing Scaffolding:

  • The load that the scaffolding will have to bear
  • The type of access to work levels (stairs, hatches, ramps)
  • The maximum height based on wind conditions
  • The ground on which it will rest
  • The use of scaffolding indoors or outdoors

Based on these elements, it will be necessary to choose, for example, whether to use scaffolding with a mandatory wall anchoring or optional (although anchoring is always strongly recommended regardless of the type of scaffolding), or evaluate the presence of stabilizers and levelers. The material of the support platform is also crucial in the choice: some scaffolding even have edges for foot support and the prevention of the fall of any objects.

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