Household Cleaning Robots

Wide range of home cleaning robots: robot vacuum cleaners and window cleaning robots for every need. Indors deals with the online sale of domestic robots capable of cleaning floors, windows and windows in a completely automatic way. The proposed devices are developed by Neato Robotics and Ecovacs, two of the best brands in the home robot sector.

The cleaning devices in question are able to recognize the space in which they are working and choose the suitable working mode avoiding obstacles; they are equipped with WiFi connection and capacious lithium batteries that ensure long autonomy and, in the case of robot vacuums and floor cleaning robots, automatically return to the charging base. Some models are equipped with a water tank and a microfibre cloth to also wash the floor.

The robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning robots are equipped with sophisticated sensors for detecting obstacles and steps; this allows him to work in complete autonomy even on the upper floors, without the risk of falling and avoiding damage to the furniture. These robots are able to clean any type of floor, even vacuuming the hair of your pets; they are also able to recognize carpets and clean them in the best possible way thanks to the special programs. They move following an intelligent path to efficiently cover the entire surface and certain models are able to create a precise map of the house; this map can be consulted from your smartphone using the convenient application and allows you to set cleaning times and diversify the areas of the house.

The robots for washing windows use sophisticated systems to adhere to vertical windows and allow you to thoroughly clean windows with large dimensions, difficult to reach with manual cleaning. They are equipped with sensors for detecting edges and frames and additional adhesion control systems to prevent the robot from detaching from the window. These devices are capable of cleaning, washing, drying and scrubbing the entire surface, ensuring a thorough cleaning without residual streaks. They come with the convenient remote control for remote control.

Indors offers you a series of solutions at advantageous prices, which will allow you to save time and dedicate it to your favorite activities.

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