Ecological Industrial Cooling: Everything you need

In this short guide you will find everything you need for a complete industrial cooling system, for warehouses, greenhouses, industrial plants, stables, farms, warehouses, sports centers, public places, riding schools etc.

industrial evaporative cooling

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Global Warming

Due to the Global Warming, higher and higher temperatures are reached every summer. From this increasingly evident overheating, it follows the need to cool even those industrial environments where once it was not, in part, necessary.

For industrialists we mean all those large spaces, warehouses, greenhouses, buildings, factories , where, due to the enormity of cubic meters to be cooled, the common cooling system with air conditioners is clearly not practicable due to the power electricity that would be needed.

Industrial cooling

Evaportative Adiabatic Cooling

The technology used for the cooling of warehouses, greenhouses, farms, exploits the millennial principle of Arab wind towers or the first clay refrigerators, which through evaporation produced fresh air in an ecological, uniform and healthy way.

Today, thanks to the new technical awareness and the sensitivity of companies regarding environmental sustainability that have deepened the teaching of the ancients, we are able to get the most out of this technology. Industrial evaporative coolers guarantee well-being and health for people, without causing damage to the environment. The adiabatic cooling process guarantees fresh air, healthy and liveable environments, even inside workplaces constantly exposed to high temperatures and difficult microclimate.

Evaporative cooling

Contributing to reducing environmental risk, through high sustainable technology, is therefore finally possible! Thanks to the evaporative cooling system you will improve the quality of life and work in the hot months, increasing productivity and comfort at a minimum cost . Industrial evaporated cooling systems are ideal for all industrial and craft buildings, warehouses, warehouses, sports centers, public places, tensile structures, agricultural sheds, agricultural greenhouses, stables, livestock farms and riding schools.

Typical installation of an industrial cooling system

In industrial cooling systems, the main components that are part of it are:

Watch the example video of a typical installation

Example of Cooling System for Greenhouses

Cooling for greenhouses

The PAD panel cooling system

Systems for the cooling of greenhouses and farms that through the evaporation of the water that flows in specific membrane panels called "pads", which filter the hot outside air managing to lower the temperature by 5-10 ° C.

Where they are installed

These cooling systems are integrated into industrial buildings, farms and greenhouses in combination with air extractors, intakes and air circulators.

Munters "PADS" Filtration Panels

PAD filtration panels can be requested in different heights and materials.

Pad CELdek

Munters CELdek The most efficient pad in terms of cooling is certainly the CELdek pad, in cellulose paper specially designed and chemically treated to resist deterioration while meeting Greenguard environmental certification standards, improving air quality for both humans and children. animals.

The unequal pad design with cross grooves promotes beneficial mixing of air and water for optimal cooling. This unique design also has the function of continuously directing more water to the air entering the pad surface, where hotter, drier, dirtier and more intense evaporation occurs.

RCP Plastic Pad

RCP Plastic RCP plastic pads, on the other hand, are made of plastic and are more resistant to wear than CELdeks, however, to the detriment of cooling efficiency. In short, the advantages and disadvantages of the two different pads can be summarized with the following table:

Parameter CELdek PAD RCP Plastic PAD
Efficiency + -
Resistance - +
Compatible Tanks WDP, MPG MPG

The water distribution systems

The Munters WDP System

Munters WDP

WDP is a complete water supply and drainage system for humidifying the walls of PADS cooling panels.

This system includes:

  • pipelines
  • water tank
  • water pump
  • power supply kit
  • water discharge,
  • panel wall termination and fixing kit

The WDP system is specially designed to ensure uniform humidification of CELdek cellulose paper evaporative cooling panels.

The Munters MPG System

Munters MPG
It is a modular system, without glue, which guarantees greater reliability than the WDP system. The risks of water leaks in the seams due to improper gluing and thermal expansion and contraction of materials causing tearing of the glue are frequent and this glue-free MPG system compensates for thermal expansion and contractions of the materials, allowing the water reservoir to expand freely within the joints, without the risk of water leaking.

The advantages of the MPG system:

  • does not require a separate water tank.
  • savings in assembly times
  • savings in materials (no glue used)
  • reduced installation times

The Industrial Fans Air Extractors

Munters extractors belong to the latest generation of energy efficient fans, very robust and reliable, suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications to create optimal climate control.

The air extractors can be conical or squared in shape, and of various sizes depending on the required air flow. Depending on the model chosen, the engine can be direct or belt driven.

In addition to the engine and the flow rate, another important feature to take into consideration is the material used for the propellers and the cases, especially if the final application of the industrial air extractor fan will be a farm, or in any case an aggressive environment.



Industrial Air Circulators

Industrial air calculators are highly effective in eliminating stratified heat, humidity and stagnant air inside farms, greenhouses and industries. With the installation of air circulators, of the correct size according to the volume of the shed, it is possible to create a system that generates a continuous recirculation of the air, thus eliminating stagnant and humid air which is the main cause of the formation of diseases and parasites.

By placing the air circulators alongside the air extraction fans, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the latter, especially useful in large rooms.

The air circulators proposed by Indors can be easily installed without any problem in any existing system. As for the control of the air circulators, the most reliable system is the use of a timer that starts the circulators at more or less long intervals throughout the day.

Industrial air circulator

The Air Intake Shutters

Munters SMT galvanized sheet steel dampers have immediate control over the entry of fresh air into a room. Munters SMT dampers are designed to be properly mounted and balanced with Munters air extractors for maximum energy efficiency and pressure drop.


The air from outside is drawn into the room through an open Munters SMT damper by means of the air extractor.

For improved aerodynamic efficiency and to reduce pressure losses, the Munters damper design was developed by Munters Euroemme's research and development laboratory.

The laboratory test chamber was constructed in accordance with ANSI / AMCA 210-85 standards.

The construction details and the tightness of the chamber were verified by the staff of the BESS Lab of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Illinois - USA.

Munters Drive Technology

Munters Drive technology with inverter motor with direct transmission on the blades allows a considerable energy saving as well as the regulation of the rotation speed of the blades, according to the required temperature and the external temperature.

In addition, the Munters Drive system motor overheats up to 50% less than traditional AC motors.


The material of the blades and case "Munters Power Protect"

munters-protect In agriculture, corrosion is usually caused by a combination of many factors such as pH, high humidity levels, frequent contact with water, harsh manure chemicals or disinfectants, etc. The industry is also constantly evolving and this could have surprising side effects: new agricultural chemicals or feed additives could do wonders for plant health, but they would also increase metal corrosion from fans.

New more corrosion-resistant fans, Munters has developed a new material for the blades of its fans: POWER MUNTERS PROTECT (PMP). This material is more performing than AISI 430 stainless steel and pre-painted metal in terms of corrosion and meets the needs of modern installations.

Test result after 700 hours of exposure in saline mist


Munters Power Protect is the result of an improvement in manufacturing processes. With this material, Munters wants to offer important benefits to its customers, further increasing the reliability of its products.

Munters Power Protect features

  • Longer duration than stainless steel
  • Faster cleaning times and system : dust and dirt settle on the smooth surface with greater difficulty than stainless steel
  • Significantly reduced corrosion problems
  • A more resistant and performing alternative to stainless steel
  • 5-year guarantee against pitting corrosion
  • Price unchanged compared to stainless steel
  • Same external appearance as stainless steel
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