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Air Compressors: more than 130 models to choose from

Find the air compressor that best suits your needs, Portable, belt driven, silenced, with petrol engine for professional and non-professional use, up to the Long Life and Screw models for industrial use. If you already have a clear idea, use the advanced filter system to find and choose the air compressor that's right for you. If you still don't know which compressor to look for, continue reading for more information on compressed air compressors. Or contact us by phone to be helped by the air compressor expert in choosing the compressor in line with your expectations.

Not only online sales, we offer pre and post sales service , with sector experts available to help you both in pre-sales purchase and in post sales assistance .

Professional Air Compressors

The Professional Air Compressor

There are many types of air compressors: portable, belt, screw, soundproof, medical compressors and motor compressors. The choice of the best compressor suitable for your needs depends mainly on the use you want to make of it. Indors Snc, a company specialized in the sale of professional equipment in Friuli in Udine, makes its qualified technicians available to help you choose the best compressor in relation to Quality, Price and Use. Among the products selected by Indors there are only Made in Italy brands produced in Italy in order to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the air compressors treated. Among the brands of compressors offered by Indors are the Fiac and Abac compressors, all prestigious Made in Italy manufacturers.

Applications of Air Compressors

Compressed air generated by a compressor is a fundamental energy source for all industries. There is no production industry of any kind that does not have machinery, equipment, tools, systems, automatisms and pneumatic components that work thanks to the compressed air produced by compressors.

The applications are manifold both in the civil and industrial sectors.


Abac compressors

Reliable and with an innovative design, ABAC piston compressors meet all compressed air needs for the hobby, semi-professional and professional market.

Fiac compressors

FIAC SpA has always distinguished itself in the world of compressed air for the high quality of its products and for the high service offered to the customer.

Belt Compressor

Belt Compressor

Belt driven piston air compressors are ideal for producing compressed air with non-constant peak loads. Robust, suitable for covering minimum and medium needs for artisan businesses and industrial plants. Belt compressors where it is the belt that connects the pumping unit and the motor, making this type of compressor more performing (less heat and less motor revolutions which guarantee use for several consecutive hours).


Coaxial Air Compressor

Coaxial Compressor

From a technical point of view, the coaxial transmission is more direct than that of belt-driven compressors. They are the cheapest and are suitable for less frequent use.


Compact Air Compressors

Portable Mini Compressor

This range of air compressors includes several models intended for professional use. The oil-lubricated compression units are coaxial with one or two self-ventilated cylinders by means of a fan keyed directly onto the motor shaft. These compressors, built in compliance with the strictest international standards, meet very different needs and are intended for craftsmen, painters, carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers .... Fiac Portable Coaxial Compressors are all equipped with pressure reducer and built with different shapes for different application sectors.


Silenced compressor

Silenced compressors to offer a high level of acoustic comfort in use. They are suitable for all possible professional uses, from single-stage to two-stage with tank-mounted dryers.


Industrial Screw Compressor

Screw Compressor

The screw air compressor is currently the most widely used in the industry. The screw compressor is a volumetric compressor in which the air is compressed thanks to screws; This type of compressor can reach high shaft speeds and combine high flow rates with small external dimensions. At Indors you will find different models of Fiac brand screw compressors: an Italian brand leader in the production of compressed air machines.

Choose the screw compressor that best suits your needs from Indors and take advantage of our competitive prices, spare parts warehouse, assistance and our qualified technicians. Fiac screw compressors are ideal for all those looking for a reliable, silent, high performance machine. And remember that producing compressed air with a screw compressor:

  • it is economically convenient (with the same air produced, energy consumption is about 30% lower)
  • technically advantageous: the air produced has an oil content 10 times lower than that coming from a piston compressor.
  • Choosing a screw compressor on Indors means opting for a product with excellent mechanical performance, simple to use, noiseless, energy-saving and reliable.

Contact us for information and rely on the experience of our staff and technicians.


Long Life Industrial Compressor

Fiac Long Life compressor

Industrial compressors designed to last over time characterized by high efficiency thanks to low speed, reduced oil consumption and less friction. Equipped with cast iron cylinders with the head designed with large fins to facilitate cooling, flywheel with helical blades that in addition to obtaining greater cooling lower the sound level. Thanks to the study of the design, the Long Life industrial compressors reduce vibrations with the perfect balance of the crankshaft to ensure greater durability.


Professional Compressors


The motor-driven compressors are designed to be used in severe conditions and for all those cases where there is no possibility of being connected to electricity. A motor compressor for professionals in the construction, industrial, artisan and even agricultural sectors. Many fields of application, compressors designed to support even the most difficult conditions to guarantee quality and efficiency. Trust Indors in choosing your motor-compressor (diesel or petrol), you can choose from a vast range of models, all guaranteed and accompanied by qualified technical assistance. The compressors that you find at Indors are in fact equipped with practical and sturdy frames and a structure with wheels for easier and more manageable movement, as well as solid and compact engines capable of supporting even significant efforts.


Characteristics of the Compressors

Below are the main characteristics that can be found when searching for the most suitable compressor for your needs.

Piston Compressors
Lubricated - Oil lubricated compressors keep cylinders and pistons intact. They usually require little maintenance and are equipped with a filtration system.
Non-lubricated (oil less) - these compressors use Teflon segments instead of oil. This type of compressors are lighter because they use aluminum instead of cast iron. Teflon rings will need to be periodically replaced.

Portable Air Compressors - Designed for easy transport from one job to another, portable air compressors are lightweight and often mounted on 2 to 4 wheel carts. The obvious advantage is the ability to take it anywhere, feeding pneumatic tools in an infinite number of work environments without the need for long air hoses. This type usually produces less overall energy than larger models.

Stationary Stationary - Built for long-term projects, stationary air compressors offer substantially more power than their portable cousins. They also require special installation considerations which often include piping, holes through walls, or mounting above work areas. They are high-end compressors.

Silenced Compressors - they are usually characterized in particular by a soundproofing system consisting of sound-absorbing metal panels painted with epoxy powder that guarantee excellent levels of silence and the total absence of vibrations.

Screw Compressors
With Oil
- the air is pressurized with oil which is filtered before exhaust and is recycled for continued use. Maintenance for this type of compressor requires changing the oil, filter and separator.
Non-lubricated (oil less) - This type of compressor is exactly similar to its counterpart, the only difference is that the oil is replaced without contact with the carbon ring, and eliminates the possibility of getting oil into the air stream inside the compression compartment. The downside to this type is that it tends to suffer from excessive heat build-up. A feature that often makes the oil version a favorite.

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