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Guide to Choosing the Best Professional, Industrial, or Hobby High-Pressure Washer

As professionals in high-pressure washers for over 25 years, with an extensive and constantly updated catalog featuring the latest high-pressure washers from top brands, Indors always provides knowledgeable and specialized staff capable of providing concrete answers to all your questions and resolving any issues related to the world of high-pressure washers and equipment. Here you will find answers to your questions about hobby high-pressure washers, professional high-pressure washers, industrial high-pressure washers, cold water high-pressure washers, and hot water high-pressure washers, and if you still have doubts, our experts are always available to advise you on the best high-pressure washer model on the market that suits your needs.

Before we proceed with the guide, we want to remind you that in addition to our expertise, Indors has a specialized workshop with technicians capable of performing repairs on any professional, hobby, and semi-professional high-pressure washer from any brand.

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Choosing the Right High-Pressure Washer

To choose the most suitable high-pressure washer for your needs, it is necessary to consider the main characteristics that distinguish one machine from another. The categories in which high-pressure washers are divided are:

  • Professional high-pressure washers
  • Industrial high-pressure washers
  • Hobby high-pressure washers
  • Petrol high-pressure washers
  • Electric high-pressure washers
  • Hot water high-pressure washers
  • Cold water high-pressure washers

Electric or Petrol High-Pressure Washers

One of the first choices to make when purchasing a new high-pressure washer is the choice of engine. In this case, you can choose between electric high-pressure washers or those with a petrol engine, also known as "endothermic" engines.
Electric high-pressure washers are powered, as the name suggests, by electricity and therefore need to be connected to a power source. Petrol high-pressure washers, on the other hand, are powered by petrol, diesel, or a mixture and do not require power cables.
Essentially, the difference between the two machines lies in their usability: electric high-pressure washers are quieter and can be used in closed environments without risks, but they need a nearby power outlet. Petrol high-pressure washers, on the other hand, can be transported to remote locations or construction sites where there is no power source or where the available power is insufficient, but they are noisier and, due to gas emissions, should only be used in open and well-ventilated areas.

Home & Garden Hobbyist High-Pressure Washers

Hobbyist high-pressure washers are versatile and lightweight, designed for domestic use. They are part of the Home & Garden range and become the optimal tool for removing dirt from cars, driveways, walls, bicycles, motorcycles, or for removing moss and weathering stains from fences and outdoor furniture. All high-pressure washers provided by Indors are equipped with accessories ranging from basic ones for cleaning external pavements or pool edges and terraces, to patio cleaners or pipe-cleaning nozzles for clearing household pipes and drains.

In detail, all high-pressure washers in the Home & Garden range have a small-sized axial pump with an oscillating plate, suitable for both horizontal and vertical use (typically vertical). The pump body is usually made of aluminum alloy for high resistance. The head can be made of plastic-coated or aluminum-coated aluminum. The motors can vary: smaller machines weighing between 5 and 12 kg typically have brush motors (similar to vacuum cleaner motors), while machines weighing 14 kg and above typically have induction motors. An induction motor is synonymous with quality and durability over time, as it can operate the high-pressure washer continuously for over an hour without interruption, whereas a brush motor, due to its high number of revolutions per minute, can be used for a maximum of 20-25 minutes at a time.

On these models, pressure adjustment is generally not possible, although some new models offer this feature. However, the jet width can be adjusted using the front nozzle. In any case, to decrease the pressure, simply move away at a proper distance.

Professional or Industrial Pressure Washers

These products are technically designed to withstand heavy and continuous use. Professional pressure washers are very robust and of high quality. Indors offers a complete range that meets the work requirements of professionals who seek daily quality, reliable performance, and speed of use. Professional pressure washers with cold water and hot water are built with high-performance pumps to ensure maximum reliability, maximum performance, and great durability. The difference between the concepts of professional pressure washer and industrial pressure washer generally lies in their higher power and ability for continuous use, which is higher in industrial models but still significant in professional models as well. They are ideal for industries, the automotive sector, construction sites, demanding artisans, and agricultural companies. Choosing a professional product means carefully selecting effectiveness, reliability, safety, and ease of use. These are the criteria that Indors has followed in choosing its partners as manufacturers of high-pressure professional machines, to ensure a perfect synthesis of hygiene and cleanliness with considerable time and effort savings.

Semi-Professional Pressure Washers

Between the two categories listed above, we find a middle ground called semi-professional pressure washer, which is a range of pressure washers designed for demanding private users who require machines with higher performance or for businesses that use pressure washers only occasionally and for short periods of time.

As a rule, all our semi-professional pressure washers have an axial pump with an oscillating plate for both horizontal and vertical use (typically vertical). The pump body is usually made of aluminum alloy for high resistance, while the head can be made of either aluminum or brass, with the latter being more robust and preventing limescale buildup for greater durability. The motor of the semi-professional pressure washer is always induction-based to ensure continuous use and greater durability over time. Some models in this category also offer the ability to adjust the pressure.

The declared performance of a semi-professional pressure washer has little "deviation," so it will be much closer to the actual data. One thing that distinguishes a semi-professional pressure washer from those in the home and garden category is the presence of sturdier accessories. Semi-professional models typically have brass guns, steel wands, brass nozzles, and hoses coated with metal mesh.

Hot or Cold Water Pressure Washers?

The hot water pressure washer is the ideal machine for removing stubborn dirt in less time and more thoroughly. A hot water machine can meet cleaning needs in various sectors such as agriculture, food, industry, and construction. It is excellent for cleaning machinery of all types, including tools, engines, tractors, and vehicles (oily dirt); removing animal and plant residues (stables, food industry); cleaning heavy construction equipment (concrete mixers, cranes, earthmoving machines, etc.). In the food industry, it performs an excellent sanitizing function.

A hot water pressure washer is used when you need to remove oily or particularly stubborn dirt in the shortest possible time. The cleaning efficiency achieved using hot water is significantly higher than with cold water (up to 50% more on certain types of residues) because the heat of the water at 90°C or higher helps to dissolve the dirt. By using a hot water pressure washer, you can achieve: shorter cleaning time (for the same level of dirt), better breakdown of non-water-soluble dirt, shorter drying time, and lower detergent consumption. In summary, it results in lower fixed costs for cleaning.

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