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Ask us for quotes for the car cleaning products you are interested in or, if you don't know which one to choose, ask us for advice!

The carpet and upholstery cleaners marketed on Indors are among the best solutions for car washing. Indors always offers innovative and technologically advanced machinery : the best upholstery and carpet washers that sanitize and sanitize the passenger compartment by eliminating bacteria, germs and bad smells. Choose a carpet cleaner that can wash, dry and sanitize in just a few minutes and with truly surprising and unparalleled results.

The upholstery washers you find on Indors allow the detergent to spray on the surface in the right dosage and without waste; in addition, these carpet cleaners provide pressure steam that allows to remove even stubborn dirt and thoroughly, without streaks or damage.

The flagship of these innovative upholstery and carpet washers: the nebulisation of the hot detergent, even in the most difficult points, and the suction of liquids that prevent the passenger compartment from getting too wet. In addition, thanks to dry drying and ionization, the surfaces will always be impeccable.

At Indors you will find the best car wash equipment, for washing systems and more. If you don't know how to clean car interiors, don't worry, ask Indors and qualified technicians will be able to guide you in purchasing car wash products suitable for your needs.

Car interior washing has never been so effective with steam cleaning combined with suction. Cleaning car seats and car carpet cleaning with our products becomes a pleasure.

The injection-extraction carpet cleaner is a machine for cleaning upholstery and fabrics that dispenses a solution of water and detergent directly on the surface to be cleaned and then sucks up the dirt trapped by the solution.
These multipurpose vacuum cleaners quickly wash all types of surfaces with the Injection - Extraction system : carpets, rugs, curtains, armchairs, floors, walls, car upholstery, etc.

The injection and extraction machines for cleaning upholstery are composed of:

  • a hydraulic circuit with tank for the detergent solution and a pump for dispensing with connection pipes and atomizing nozzles
  • a recovery tank connected to the suction motor
  • a suction circuit to create a vacuum in the recovery tank and remove the solution from the cleaned surface.

These vacuum cleaners adopt depressions from 2200 to 2700 mm of water, but if the needs require it they can use two suction motors and the maximum air flow doubles, while the depression remains the same.
It is important to note that the greater the depression and the air flow rate, the greater the solution recovered on the surface and therefore the better the cleaning and drying time.


Injection - extraction upholstery cleaning machines use nozzles through which the detergent is sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and a suction nozzle to suck up dirt. The factors that determine the efficiency of a carpet cleaner are:

  • the pressure and flow rate of the cleaning solution sprayed by the pump give the measure of the depth with which the carpet fibers will be cleaned
  • the vacuum and the air flow of the suction motor influence the amount of dirt captured by the detergent and removed from the carpet or upholstery fibers. This is very important since it also determines the drying times of the washed carpet or upholstery
  • use of the correct detergent .

Finally, remember that all the devices can also be used as a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner .
To purchase an excellent machine for cleaning upholstery, immediately request a quote from Indors, a company specialized in the sale of professional equipment of the best brands for hygiene and cleaning.

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