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The single disc machines generally used for cleaning, sanding and polishing surfaces, can be equipped with various types of discs ranging from those suitable for cleaning carpet and stone or marble floors, to those for de-waxing or for sanding of wooden or concrete floors, up to those for polishing.
The criterion for choosing the correct product must take into consideration the weight of the single disc machine, the type of surface to be worked, the number of revolutions required and the power of the engine and transmission system.
In general, the slower the rotation speed and the heavier the weight of the machine, the deeper the cleaning operation and on the contrary, the high number of revolutions decreases the effect of the brush pressure. Unfortunately, however, there is no certain rule for choosing the correct combination of accessories, rotation speed and engine power, but it is good to know that the higher the friction that forms between the disc and the floor, the greater the power must be. of the engine and the effort to control the machine. This is why it is important to choose a quality single disc machine, that is a single disc machine with a perfect distribution of components and weights, which allows a balanced and vibration-free operation that minimizes operator fatigue.

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