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Current generators of the best brands on the market for leisure and professional and industrial use. Honda , Genmac , Tecnogen , Airmec , Hyundai and Vinco generating sets ; from inverters to traditional electric generators, silenced , single-phase , three-phase , compact generators , with transport trolley etc. Not just online sales, indors is an authorized Service and Repair Center. The current generators sold by Indors, compared to the competition of online sales, are supplied tested with the first oil change to be ready for use as soon as they are received . All generators are shipped on a pallet to ensure greater safety, avoiding unpleasant transport damage .

If you already have a clear idea of which current generator to buy , use the advanced search filters to find the generator you are looking for quickly and easily. If, on the other hand, you want to deepen the vast topic of generating sets, continue reading to understand what are the characteristics to consider when choosing the most suitable electric generator . If you still have doubts and doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email or by calling 0432 655 325 to speak with the expert in power generators .

Current generators

Power Generator Which to Choose?

Current generator which one to choose

The main feature to be taken into consideration is certainly the purpose, intended as use, of the generator . Do I have to use it occasionally in my free time, or do I have to use it several consecutive hours a day? What should I feed? How much power do I need?

If you are already an expert in power generators and you already know what to look for, try the advanced search now by checking the filters that are right for you. If you still don't have clear ideas, continue reading this guide, or contact us to be guided by our power generator experts. They will be happy to help you in choosing the generator that best suits your needs.

What should I feed?

There are three types of load : resistive, reactive and electronic.

resistive load for current generator Resistive load
are the simplest loads to connect to a generator as they are characterized by a stable electricity consumption (they do not need extra power at start-up) and the performance of the equipment does not depend on the quality of the electricity supplied (waveform, voltage and frequency). Examples of resistive loads are: light bulbs, toasters, electric stoves.
reactive load electric generator Reactive Load
this sector includes electric motors . performance is highly dependent on the quality of electricity (waveform, voltage value and frequency) . In case of incorrect values, the equipment is subject to vibrations and low performance. The various problems that arise in these cases include the impossibility of reaching the maximum speed or the correct torque with consequent overheating and reduction of the life of the motor. Reactive loads also require more starting power (two to five times the nominal). Examples of reactive loads are: drills, saws, pressure washers, refrigerators and air conditioners.
electronic load generator inverter Electronic Loads
electronic equipment is very sensitive to the quality of the electrical energy absorbed and requires high stability values. Examples of electronic loads are: computers, TVs, hi-fi systems.

Quality of Electricity Required

volts and amps generator set

Regardless of the type of load connected, a good quality electricity supply improves the performance and reliability of the connected equipment . In particular, electronic loads, if powered by poor quality generators, are subject to failures . To stabilize the output voltage and frequency, current generators can adopt three types of solutions: with Capacitor or Inductive type, with AVR card, and with Inverter.

construction site power generator

Condenser / Inductive Generator Set

It is the simplest and most popular solution in the field of industry. It is characterized by high reliability and is mainly suitable for resistive loads

airmec inverter generator

Inverter generator set

Inverter generators provide high quality energy that is not dependent on the engine speed. The inverter generators allow the construction of compact generators with alternators of half the size compared to traditional systems and are ideal for powering highly sensitive and sophisticated electronic equipment . The inverter generators are able to supply high quality energy for both reactive and electronic loads and guarantee the best performance and maximum life of the appliances. Other benefits linked to the use of inverters are: reduced noise, lower weight and fuel savings.

generator with avr card

Generating Set with AVR Card

It is an automatic voltage and frequency regulation device that minimizes fluctuations due to load variations. AVR technology significantly improves the performance and durability of reactive load equipment .

inverter honda


It is a Honda patented technology that, compared to the standard inverter system , uses a simplified system capable of providing higher quality electricity than systems with AVR cards. In fact, in this system the production of electricity is not directly linked to the engine speed.

The power of the Current Generator kW and kVA

Knowing the difference between kilowatts (kW) and kilo Volt Ampere (kVA) is useful to establish in greater detail the field of application of the current generator. To explain it in simple words, these are two units of measurement used to indicate:

  • in the case of kVA the apparent power
  • in the kW case the real power

In DC circuits the kVA are equal to kW since the voltage and current do not go out of phase. On the other hand, in AC circuits the voltage and current could be out of phase. This phase shift, called Power Factor or Cos-fi, depends on the type of load to be powered and tends more to 1 the more the load is of the resistive type (such as light bulbs, toasters, stoves, etc.). For reactive loads (electric motors, pressure washers, welders, etc.), on the other hand, the power factor can also assume values much lower than unity, such as 0.8, 0.7 or even 0.6 .

kw kva power generator

Calculation example with resistive load

Assuming having to feed an active power of 10kW if the user is resistive, with a cos-fi power factor equal to 0.9, a 13kVA generator is more than sufficient as 13 * 0.9 = 11 , 7 kW margin of 1,7kW on the maximum power.

Calculation example with reactive load

Assuming instead a 10kW user consisting of an electric motor or an industrial machinery that uses many electric motors with a power factor of 0.7, the 13 kVA generator will no longer be sufficient as 13 * 0.7 = 9.1kW. In this case, a current generator of at least 16 kVA will be needed as 16 * 0.7 = 11.2kW

How Much Power Do I Need?

generator calculate the necessary power, in addition to taking into account the cos-fi power factor of the type of equipment that will be powered, if the load is reactive, such as electric motors, you must pay attention to the inrush current of which need to boot.

For a simple and quick calculation of the power of the generating set required, the following formula can be used:

Power Required = P x K x 1.25

  • P = Nominal power in kW
  • K = Starting coefficient (see table below)
  • 1.25 = Safety Coefficient

Starting coefficients table

Incandescent Light Bulb 1
Stove / Electric Plate 1
Coffee machine 1.5
Computer 2
Cash register 2
Household Drill 2
Grinders 2
Circular saws 2
Planer / Sander 2
Resp. Lamp Energetic 2
Microwave oven 2
Vacuum cleaner 3
Microwave oven 2
Vacuum cleaner 3
Professional Drill 3
Concrete mixer 3
Air heating 3
Household Compressors 3
Fridge / Freezer 3 ÷ 4
Washing machine 3 ÷ 4
Air conditioners 4 ÷ 5
Professional Compressors 4 ÷ 5
Welders 4 ÷ 5

Petrol, Diesel and Gas Power Generator

Diesel , petrol or gas generating sets , on the market there are generators for every type of fuel. Usually gasoline generators are the most used because they require less maintenance as well as being lighter and quieter . On the plus side, diesel generators have longevity lasting longer than petrol. Generally, diesel generators are chosen for high displacements and high electrical power required. The least common, and forever valid alternatives, are LPG or methane gas generators depending on the case.

petrol power generator

Diesel generator set

Gas power generator

Silenced Power Generator

silenced power generator Obviously, when the generator is to be used in "quiet" areas , where minimal noise pollution is required, the choice indicated is certainly directed towards silenced generators . Pay attention is the method of declaration of the producers that often and willingly can vary considerably.

Mainly some use the actual acoustic power at 1 meter away, others the acoustic power at 7 meters, and still others even at 7m with the generator at 70% load. It is therefore immediately clear that the declared values must be "taken with a grain of salt" .

Acoustic power is measured in dB , for reference here are some examples :

  • The background noise of a normal apartment is about dB (spl) 40 at night and 50/55 during the day.
  • A normal conversation between two people has a value (at a distance of one meter) of about dB (spl) 65.
  • The intense car traffic at a ring road also traveled by TIR reaches about 90 dB (spl) 10 meters from the road.

Inverse law of distance

Doubling the distance from a sound source the drop in dB is equal to 6 , halving the distance there is an increase in sound pressure of about 6 dB. In summary, moving away of another 7 meters from the generator, its noise drops by approximately 6dB .

Optionals of Current Generators

Electric start

electric starter current generator Electric generators supplied complete with battery for electric starter with key for a quick, simple and comfortable start. Keep in mind that batteries to last over time must be kept charged periodically to ensure their duration over time. If you will use the generator once a year the batteries will not be a good choice for the life of the battery. Obviously all electric start generators, if only the semi-professional and professional ones, include recoil starters.

Quadro ATS Automatic Transfer Switch

ats current generator panel What is the ATS electrical panel. This is a switch that allows the power generator to start automatically in the event of a power failure. It is precisely a device for emergencies.

Differential switch (magnetothermic)

differential switch The differential switch, better known as "Salva Vita" is precisely a safety switch that automatically opens the circuit, interrupting the flow of electric current following its detection of any difference in electrical currents in input and output to the electrical system in case of leakage.

For Transportation

wheeled current generator Almost all power generators over 50Kg can be supplied with a transport trolley. Some are equipped with small wheels included as standard (especially the silenced ones) or with a practical hook for cranes and lifters in general.

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