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If you are looking for professional detergents (such as Lindhaus brand products ), go to our online store and find everything you need for cleaning the house, the interior of your car, septic tanks or pipes and much more. yet.

Among our professional soaps and detergents we have specific and high quality products such as those of the well-known Lindhaus brand; detergents suitable for cleaning food laboratories as well as the home; disinfectants for professional or household environments and, finally, also soaps and stain removers for carpets, car interiors and fabrics of various kinds.

On Indors you will also find other well-known brands in addition to Lindhaus, such as Igiensan, Pharmaform, Neo Pharma G, Kastel, Eurodet and many others, and - depending on the type of application and specific use - buying the most suitable detergent for you will be very simple.

Also try the descaling detergents for tiles and glass or our products for the treatment of septic tanks and you will not be disappointed.

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