Which Professional Detergents to Choose: The Complete Guide

If you are looking for professional cleaners, here you will find advice on the best cleaners on the market from a large catalog of products for cleaning the home, the interior of your car, septic tanks, pipes and much more.

A guide on which are the best professional soaps and detergents and specific high-quality products such as detergents for cleaning food laboratories, the home, disinfectants for professional or home environments and, finally, also stain remover soaps for carpets, interiors of cars and fabrics of various kinds.

When choosing a detergent it is important to pay attention to the surface on which it will be used and that its composition is safe for those who will use it. However, the type of detergent alone is not sufficient, it is in fact important to accompany us with the right equipment by choosing quality equipment suitable for the type of cleaning to be done. For example, some floors need to be cleaned with powerful washer dryers while others may only require gentle manual cleaning.

What are the best floor cleaners?

Standard multi-surface cleaners

In the case of non-professional uses or in industrial environments, it is possible to choose to use multi-surface cleaners considering the degreasing level it must have to obtain the desired result. In the case of very concentrated degreasing products, it is important to use small quantities to avoid the risk of irreversibly damaging the surface. What gives the fragrance of a detergent? The scent of a cleaner depends on the concentration of active oxygen which extends the duration of the scent for several hours after cleaning.

What are HACCP branded products

HACCP products are detergents and disinfectants designed for use in food businesses in case of contact with food or in the presence of children and animals as they do not contain substances harmful to health. The use of HACCP branded products is essential where it is necessary to effectively eliminate all dirt residues which would otherwise favor the growth of bacteria by destroying any microbial loads present on the surfaces. These products are ideal in hospitals and clinics as they not only clean but also thoroughly disinfect with a deep antibacterial action.

What products to use to clean the car?

The interiors of cars, however resistant they may appear, are in reality greatly affected by our daily lives and are subject to easy damage if not treated with special products. The best products to use to clean your car are those specifically designed for this use. The use of generic multi-surface cleaners should be avoided as much as possible by relying on quality products. Furthermore, in addition to the risk of ruining the interior of our car, the heat to which cars are subjected, especially in the warmer seasons, firmly fixes the impurities both on the interior and on the exterior, making it difficult to remove dirt using the most common detergents. . The products specially designed for cleaning cars instead contain substances that permeate more deeply going to remove even the dirt not visible to the eye and if combined with the appropriate sanitizers they remove viruses and bacteria harmful to health.

Cleaning parquet and wooden floors: how to do it

The best products to clean hardwood floors are the least concentrated and most gentle. When you have to clean your wooden floor it is essential never to pour water directly on the surface but rather make sure you use well wrung out cloths and mochi. On wooden floors it is absolutely not recommended to use aggressive products containing bleach, ammonia and foams.

the best detergents of the best brands on Indors.it

On Indors you will find the best-known brands such as Lindhaus, Igiensan, Pharmaform, Neo Pharma G, Kastel, Eurodet and many others and, depending on the type of application and specific use, you can buy the most suitable detergent for applications such as cleaning home, car interiors, septic tanks, pipes and much more.
Also try the descaling anti-limescale cleaners for tiles and glass!

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