A wide range of professional products for sanitizing medical centres, public and home areas, work spaces and tools. Detergents, sprayers, sanitizers against allergens, pathogens, bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants against Covid-19.

Sanificazione Ambienti e Superfici
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Ventilation and Air Cooling

Air Coolers and air blowers can fight heat in restaurants, pizza restaurants, production sites, sheds, workshops, terraces. Effective and cheap solutions for cooling small and large spaces.

Ventilazione e Raffrescamento - Raffrescatori Evaporativi
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Pressure Washers

A wide selection of pressure washers for all sectors of activity. Starting from home pressure washers to professional and industrial high pressure machines. The best brands with all the accessories and original spare parts.

Idropulitrici Acqua Fredda e Acqua Calda
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Photovoltaic and glass cleaning

In this section a vast range of detergents, poles, brushes, and tool sets for cleaning glasses and also large photovoltaic plants. Reverse osmosis systems, resin and robots for an automatic cleaning process on photovoltaic panels, glasses and windows. Accessories, spare parts, filters.

Pulizia Impianti Fotovoltaici e Vetrate
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Steam Cleaners

A professional steam cleaner or a steam generator (versions available with and without vacuum system), uses the steam power for perfect results and deep cleaning. The steam cleaners remove oily and greasy stains and they also contribute to the natural sterilization of the spaces, eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Pulitori a Vapore
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Professional Vacuum Cleaners

Professional and home vacuum cleaners, for liquids, fine dust, electric sweepers and robots of the best brands and with the best prices on the web. A wide range of accessories and original spare parts for optimizing the performances and guaranteeing a long life.

Aspiratori e Bidoni Aspiratutto
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Carpets and upholstery cleaners

Soft washing for carpets, upholstery and car interiors, needs specific devices and detergents. Different injection/extraction machines, with or without steam, for a delicate, effective and complete cleansing, are available.

Lavamoquette Lavatappezzeria
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Floor Scrubber Dryers

Micro scrubber dryers, man down and on board, designed for small and large spaces. Before and after sale assistance, customized quotations. The highest quality with the best price.

Lavasciuga Lavapavimenti
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A manual, battery powered or petrol powered sweeper? Micro sweepers, man down or on board, with the best professional brands, for any specific need.

Spazzatrici Professionali
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Air Compressors

Air compressors for every use, starting from the belt driven to the advanced industrial screw models. Electric or petrol powered, silent, with oil or oil free. At you can find a large selection of air compressors. Dryers and compressed air tanks for existing plants are also provided.

Compressori Aria, Essiccatori e Serbatoi
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Power Units

Single-phase generating sets, three-phase, fuelled by diesel, petrol or gas, with AVR, ATS and inverter, silent, fixed and wheeled (with cart). A big list of professional power units, for heavy uses, for semi-professional and daily use. Before and After Sale Assistance Services.

Generatori di Corrente - Gruppi Elettrogeni
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Professional Welding Machines

Electrode welding machines, continuous wire, TIG, electric welders and plasma cutting machines. For professional, semi-professional and hobby uses. A big choice of welding accessories.

Saldatrici Professionali - Puntatrici
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Working or living in humid environments is never easy. High humidity levels cause mold, corrosion and compromise machines, devices and products preservation. With our selection of professional, semi-professional and industrial dehumidifiers, with absorption or condensation system, you can fight it! Make your choice.

Deumidificatori Professionali
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Glass cleaning

A vast range of products and the best brands for glass cleaning: telescopic poles, cloths, scrapers, squeegees, buckets, window cleaners, robots and other devices. A full selection of accessories and original spare parts.

Attrezzatura Pulizia Vetri
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Dry Ice Blasting

A Dry Ice Blasting professional machine is the perfect choice for cleaning with dry ice: for removing paint, dirty and greasy remains in the industrial environments. The dry ice is particularly effective when a dry, eco-friendly and not abrasive cleaning procedure is needed.

Sabbiatura Criogenica - Pulizia Ghiaccio Secco
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Professional Heaters

Industrial fans, hot air producers, heaters, heating lamps and stoves for every necessity. A selection of devices for warming work spaces, workshops, sheds, building sites, warehouses. Perfect for making comfortable every space or for keeping greenhouses and animal farms temperature under control.

Riscaldatori Industriali e Lampade Riscaldanti
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