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How to choose the iron? Guide to choosing the best iron for you

In this guide we will explain which iron is best to choose based on your needs, ranging from domestic irons to those for professional and/or industrial use.

You will find out what are the differences between the various existing iron models, which features it is essential to take into consideration when choosing and how to choose the iron based on the use to which it is made.

Ironing systems - how to choose the best iron

Ironing systems are mainly distinguished between irons with an internal tank and irons with an external boiler.

Standard Irons without Boiler

Irons without a boiler, i.e. those with an integrated internal tank, consist of a single block. In this case the iron includes, inside it, the water tank and the steam chamber and the control buttons are positioned on the iron itself. This allows for smaller overall dimensions and greater ease of use but this is equivalent to less power, a smaller amount of steam produced and a smaller water capacity which results in a limited autonomy of use.

These are irons suitable for domestic use in the case of small quantities of items to be ironed.

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Irons with Boiler

The iron with boiler is larger, equipped with an external water tank and consequently has greater capacity and greater steam production at high power. These are irons with professional results. If you are looking for the best iron for large quantities of garments capable of perfectly removing creases and giving impeccable results then an iron with boiler is the right choice for you.
Thanks to the presence of an external boiler, once the water temperature is reached, it will remain the same for the entire duration of the work, maintaining the same correct pressure. Furthermore, since the water is located in the separate tank and not inside the iron, the weight is very low, requiring less effort.

Cold Irons

This type of iron is equipped with a large separate tank that pumps water directly to the plate, transforming it immediately into steam thanks to contact with the high temperature of the plate itself. There is therefore no boiler but a vaporization chamber that uses cold water.

Vertical Iron

These are steam irons that allow the ironing of the garments while keeping them hanging on the hangers. This type of irons are ideal for those who don't particularly like ironing and who prefer speed and practicality to total crease removal. In fact, if it is true that on the one hand the results are inferior to ironing on a board, these irons are light and compact and allow you to iron simply and effortlessly.

What types of Steam Iron with Boiler are there?

Irons with external boilers can be divided into three categories:

  • Pressure iron: these ironing machines have an upper safety cap which keeps the pressure constant and offers approximately 4 hours of continuous work.
  • Continuous Charge Iron: these are irons with unlimited autonomy because it is possible to top up the water tank whenever necessary without unplugging it or waiting for the temperature to be reached again.

Elements to consider when choosing the best iron

The characteristics to analyze when choosing the most suitable iron for your use are:

  • IRON POWER: this is normally expressed in Watts and, the higher it is, the more it guarantees good steam delivery and consequently better results;
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF in case of inactivity of the iron, saving energy and avoiding accidents.
  • STEAM POWER: the higher the steam pressure, the easier creases will be removed from garments, even the most stubborn;
  • ANTI-LIME FUNCTION: to prevent limescale from causing damage to the iron;
  • PLATE AND HOLES: the number and homogeneity of the holes allow you to iron more smoothly while a few holes, close to the tip of the iron, will be very useful for precision in detail.
  • HANDLE MATERIAL AND CONFORMATION: the best handle is undoubtedly the cork one as it is lighter and safer because it insulates from heat and protects against overheating, keeping itself better over time. An ergonomic handle allows you not to tire your wrist while ironing.
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