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Vacuum cleaners, liquid vacuum cleaners, electric brooms: the guide on what to choose

Which vacuum cleaner to choose based on the spaces to be cleaned? Here you can find a guide dedicated to choosing the best products for cleaning floors divided according to work environments and usage needs. When is it better to use a canister vacuum cleaner than a vacuum cleaner? This and many other tips to take care of your home and work spaces like a true professional.

Which vacuum cleaner to choose

Domestic or industrial vacuum cleaner?

When buying a vacuum cleaner it is essential to focus on the intended use. We often wonder what is better between a domestic and an industrial vacuum cleaner and what are the differences. It should therefore be considered that industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for prolonged use, even for many hours at a time, allowing you not to have to stop work to cool the motor or replace the filter. Furthermore, industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with special filters that allow the suction of fine dust, hot ashes, liquids, asbestos and all kinds of complex substances. On the other hand, domestic vacuum cleaners are more manageable and have much smaller dimensions and weight, making transport and use easier. Domestic vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are excellent for short-term use, with lower consumption and for those who need an easily stowable appliance.

Difference between electric broom and cylinder vacuum cleaner

The electric broom satisfies the need for portability and efficiency as it takes up less space and is lighter and more manageable. Furthermore, electric brooms are endowed with great versatility because they act at the same time as both vacuum cleaners for daily use and hand vacuum cleaners and are excellent for use in the tightest spaces or for cleaning stairs. The classic vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is ideal for cleaning larger rooms as they have more powerful motors and are therefore ideal for more continuous use than the electric broom. Furthermore, vacuum cleaners, compared to electric brooms, have greater suction power and are often equipped with a greater number of accessories to implement their use.

What is a Vacuum Cleaner Bin

The vacuum cleaners are divided into classic vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaners and solid-liquid vacuum cleaners. Traditional vacuum cleaner bins differ from classic vacuum cleaners in terms of their suction power and the capacity of the tank which can even reach 50 litres. Furthermore, they are equipped with special filters capable of capturing even the smallest dirt particles.

Ash vacuum cleaners are ideal for owners of fireplaces or pellet or wood stoves. The ash vacuum cleaners are able to suck up the cold ashes and store them in the tank avoiding the dispersion of the toxic dust produced by the chimney and their use avoids damaging the domestic vacuum cleaner which is not set up for the ash suction.

Solid-liquid vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are hybrids that allow you to vacuum both liquid and solid dirt at the same time, saving time in all those situations in which otherwise dividing the two materials would be complex. Usually, wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with an internal sorting system that automatically divides the solid parts from the liquid ones to facilitate cleaning of the appliance. These machines also allow you to suck up metal or wood shavings.

Robotic cleaning: the advantages

To make cleaning less tiring and more efficient, two extremely useful and effective categories of robotic cleaning come to your aid: robot vacuum cleaners and robot window cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with sophisticated sensors for detecting obstacles and steps; this allows him to work in complete autonomy even on the upper floors, without the risk of falling and avoiding damage to the furniture. These robots are able to clean any type of floor, even sucking up the hair of your pets; they are also able to recognize carpets and clean them better thanks to the special programs. They move following an intelligent path to efficiently cover the entire surface and certain models are able to create a precise map of the house; this map can be consulted from your smartphone via the convenient application and allows you to set cleaning times and diversify the areas of the house.

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