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Motor pumps for fire-fighting irrigation

Motor pumps are useful tools for distributing water when electricity is not available or you need to use a fast, efficient and flexible means of extracting water from a well, pond or tub or cistern and making it available for domestic use such as irrigation of vegetable gardens and gardens.
The motor pump has countless other uses, one of the most valuable being that of fire fighting. The motor pumps are extremely valuable as they are able to work even in the absence of electricity.
Motor pumps are machines that can use petrol or diesel engines and can provide performance, measurable in terms of flow rate and pressure, suitable for satisfying any application.
Another particularly valuable function performed by the motor pump is that relating to the drainage of cellars and garages in case of flooding or other emergencies due to rain.
The motor pumps are distinguished according to the pumping system used: they can be centrifugal, piston, diaphragm, etc. Each type of motor pump finds its ideal application based on the type of fluid to be handled and the characteristics of the system to be built.

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