Demineralization filters

Cleaning the photovoltaic panels allows you to maximize the energy production of each single module and of the entire system.
Dust, dirt and residues are slowly deposited on the photovoltaic panels, reducing their energy performance. By cleaning the panels we can restore the initial situation and the productive redemption of the panels.

The lower yield of a photovoltaic system, made opaque by dust and dirt, is statitiscamente evaluated in at least 30%!

Unger HiFlo systems are composed using a demineralization machine (with resins or osmotic membrane) and a telescopic rod, with an internal water system and equipped with a brush, which allows you to reach and clean even locations very far from the operator.

The available poles can be chosen between the cheapest Hiflo Advance in fiberglass and the most technological Hiflo nLite in composite and carbon material with extensions up to over 20 meters.

EFFECTIVE, ECO-COMPATIBLE (the cleaning of the panels is performed without the use of chemicals) and SAFE: it will not be necessary to use ladders or lifting equipment to reach the areas to be cleaned.

Unger Hiflo machines allow you to clean windows and photovoltaic panels without leaving any chemical or saline residue. With the unger Hiflo the cleaning of the photovoltaic panels is carried out in full respect of the environment, thanks to the reduced water consumption and the absence of any chemical product. In fact, free of detergents, the waste water from Unger Hiflo purification systems can be safely used for irrigation or dispersed in the sewer system.

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