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On Indors you will find the screw compressor you were looking for. We have different models of Fiac brand screw compressors: Italian brand and leader in the production of compressed air machines.

Choose the screw compressor that best suits your needs on Indors and take advantage of our competitive prices, spare parts warehouse, assistance and our qualified technicians.

Fiac screw compressors are ideal for all those looking for a reliable, silent, high performance machine . And remember that producing compressed air with a screw compressor:

  • it is economically convenient (with the same air produced, energy consumption is about 30% lower)
  • technically advantageous: the air produced has an oil content 10 times lower than that coming from a piston compressor.

Choosing a screw compressor on Indors means opting for a product with excellent mechanical performance, simple to use, noiseless, energy-saving and reliable.

Consult our online catalog, discover all the technical features and request the most suitable product for you.

Contact us for assistance and rely on the experience of our staff and technicians.

Compact Screw Compressors

Screw compressors come used by several where high uptime and superior reliability are required . The deciding factor it has brought this technology to success is having concentrated in a single component different functions. Compressor, oil separator e lubrication system are integrated in one unit.

Thanks to the simple integration in the system and excellent reliability i compact screw compressors are established in various applications ed they have progressively gained market shares.

Construction features of screw compressors

All the necessary building elements for efficient, flexible operation and reliable are integrated into the compact screw compressor. They include in particular the cooled electric motor with the suction gas, the section of compression constituted by the rotors supported by rolling bearings that move and compress the refrigerant, the oil separator in three stadiums equipped with pulsation damper and the oil circuit. All these elements they are internal to the same carcass.

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