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Electric Brooms and Carpet Cleaners

Indors has a vast assortment of carpet cleaners or electric broom models for professional or semi-professional use suitable for every type of need.

High performance, professional quality, sturdiness, compact size, silent operation and great handling are the main features on which the modern and advanced Indors carpet cleaners and electric brooms are based. Equipped with complementary accessories or for better performance, our products also have the possibility of combining nozzles, brushes or additional filtering systems, all to guarantee you a better service and further cleaning.

Among our vacuum cleaner models, we also offer technologies that are particularly appreciated both in the healthcare and private sectors, such as the hospital-grade anti-allergic filtering systems of the HEPA electric broom (convertible into a polisher and carpet cleaner) or the RX HEPA system known worldwide for its exceptional filtering system and high precision construction technology.

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Fimap Broom - Micro Spazzatrice Professionale

230V - 25W - 10,8V/1,5 Ah
375mm - 2lt - 1000m²/h
30x36x70 cm - 2,8 Kg
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