Munters ED Series
Industrial Air Extraction Fans

14400 m³/h - Ø 75 / 95 / 108 cm

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Munters ED Series Industrial Air Extractors

Munters ED extractors belong to the latest generation of high energy efficiency fans , very robust and reliable, suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications to create optimal climate control. Compared to previous models, the new Munters ED series extractors have direct transmission of the motor to the fan.

The fan with an exclusive design is self-cleaning and allows you to reach maximum efficiency and exceptional air flow. The 3-blade fan is statically and dynamically balanced to minimize vibrations and noise.

Main features

  • High air flow
  • Direct transmission
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Self-cleaning
  • Reduced vibrations and noise
  • Fan in Power Munters Protect
  • 3-blade fan

munters ed

Munters ED dimensions


A = B C. D. F. G. H. IS
ED36HE 1085 mm 485 mm 570 mm 600 mm 242 mm 180 mm M8
ED30HE 950 mm 485 mm 570 mm 600 mm 175 mm 95 mm M8
ED24HE 750 mm 485 mm 620 mm 475 mm 137 mm 150 mm M8

The material of the blades and case "Munters Power Protect"

munters-protect In agriculture, corrosion is usually caused by a combination of many factors such as pH, high humidity levels, frequent contact with water, harsh manure chemicals or disinfectants, etc. The industry is also constantly evolving and this could have surprising side effects: new agricultural chemicals or feed additives could do wonders for plant health, but they would also increase metal corrosion from fans.

New more corrosion-resistant fans, Munters has developed a new material for the blades of its fans: POWER MUNTERS PROTECT (PMP). This material is more performing than AISI 430 stainless steel and pre-painted metal in terms of corrosion and meets the needs of modern installations.

Test result after 700 hours of exposure in saline mist


Munters Power Protect is the result of an improvement in manufacturing processes. With this material, Munters wants to offer important benefits to its customers, further increasing the reliability of its products.

Munters Power Protect features

  • Longer duration than stainless steel
  • Faster cleaning times and system : dust and dirt settle on the smooth surface with greater difficulty than stainless steel
  • Significantly reduced corrosion problems
  • A more resistant and performing alternative to stainless steel
  • 5-year guarantee against pitting corrosion
  • Price unchanged compared to stainless steel
  • Same external appearance as stainless steel

Fields of Application

The possible applications of the air extraction fans are truly manifold. They range from the removal of stratified air due to heat, to those for the elimination of odors and volatile substances accumulated inside the systems. Air extractors are also used in farms, greenhouses and in combination with cooling systems to improve the distribution of air flows.


Technical data

Template ED24HE ED30HE ED36HE
Engine 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.75 HP
Air flow 9100 m³ / h 14400 m³ / h 19100 m³ / h
Fan diameter 61 cm 76 cm 91 cm
Weight 49 Kg 60 Kg 70 Kg

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Technical data

Template ED24HE ED30HE ED36HE
Engine 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.75 HP
Air flow 9100 m³ / h 14400 m³ / h 19100 m³ / h
Fan diameter 61 cm 76 cm 91 cm
Weight 49 Kg 60 Kg 70 Kg

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