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Silenced Compressors FIAC

The Fiac series soundproofed piston compressors FIAC are the product of the most recent technological and design research. The Compact, Whisper, SCS and SSA models are characterized in particular by a soundproofing system consisting of epoxy powder coated metal sound-absorbing panels that guarantee excellent levels of silence and the total absence of vibrations (sound pressure <70 dB).
The SSA series from 3 to 7.5 HP is the maximum technological expression of a piston compressor designed for the most demanding industrial users.

The modularity that distinguishes this range allows you to choose between different versions:

  • Fiac compressor on the ground
  • Fiac compressor with 270 or 500 liter tank
  • Fiac compressors on tank + integrated refrigeration cycle dryer.

The main features of the Fiac silenced compressor are:

  • Electromechanical control synoptic panel with start button, emergency button, counter and indicator lights
  • Automatic control of the oil level with machine stop and display of the alarm
  • Automatic control of the electric absorption of the motor with stop of the machine and visualization of the intervened alarm
  • Supplementary ventilation system with remote control via thermostatic probe
  • Electrical box and electric motor in IP55 protection class
  • Anti-vibration system with 4 fixing points
  • Cooling radiator
  • Freon dryer with electronic panel
  • control and maintenance of the dew point, timing of the condensate discharge and display of the operating condition.
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