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Cold Water Pressure Washers

The cold water pressure washer is the most used for domestic and professional cleaning operations due to its great ease of use and its high effectiveness. In the face of a low consumption of electricity and a limited amount of water, it is able to deeply wash driveways, walls, cars and so on without tiring its parts with an always exceptional result.

Cold water high-pressure washers are suitable for cleaning walls, floors, cars, trucks ... and are used in practically every field of work, from the construction site (usually with high pressure and flow rates), to the agricultural sector and farms (where a high flow rate is sought)

In recent years, the development of new accessories has introduced the use of high-pressure cleaners in areas such as the gushing of pipes, sewers, sinks, drains (with the application of special drain cleaning probes) and as sandblasters for washing and stripping. of sheets, mortars and paints. In such situations, the high-pressure cleaner has made it possible to obtain remarkable results in situations that would otherwise be impossible to treat, with great effectiveness and economic convenience.

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