Multitool 4 garden tools in 1
Promo Kit Battery + Charger

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56V - 5Ah
4 tools in 1
Battery + Charger

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EGO MHSC2002E - Multitool kit 4 tools in 1 + battery + battery charger

EGO MHSC2002E is a gardening kit consisting of:

  • 1 Engine rod
  • 1 brush cutter application + STA1500 disc
  • 1 HTA200 hedge trimmer application
  • 1 PSA1000 pruner application
  • 1 EA0800 vertical trimmer application
  • 1 battery 5.0 Ah
  • 1 x Quick Charger

This EGO Multi Tool Kit allows you to tackle various gardening jobs with a single product and 5 accessories included in the purchase together with the battery and quick charger. The coupling system is simple and safe and allows you to quickly replace accessories without using extra tools.

Technical specifications

PH1400E engine rod

Ego PH1400E Engine Rod 038200

The motor rod for the battery-operated Multitool is equipped with a 56 V brushless motor with variable rotation speed . This rod has a single handle and has a minimum weight (without battery) of only 2.7 kg. The brushless motor ensures fluidity and silence without the vibrations , exhausts and noise of a petrol engine.

Vertical trimmer EA0800

Ego Vertical Edge Trimmer EA0800 038475

The edge trimmer is ideal for trimming edges along driveways, sidewalks and flowerbeds . Thanks to its 20 cm blade it ensures a clean and well-defined line. This trimmer features an aluminum guard with rubber edges designed to protect the user from pebbles and other debris that may be kicked up during the process. The cutting depth is adjustable up to 75 mm while the cutting guide wheel guides the operator in a linear manner for optimal results.

Brush cutter with STA1500 + ABB1203 blade

Ego Brushcutter with Blade STA1500 + ABB1203 038250 038485

This brush cutter accessory has a cutting width of 38 cm and allows you to reach small spaces that would be impossible to reach with a lawnmower. The brush cutter is equipped as standard with a Beat and Go head with 2.4 mm double line . The kit also includes a 3-tooth steel disc with a cutting width of 30 cm .

HTA2000 hedge trimmer

Ego Hedge Trimmer HTA2000 038400

The EGO Hedge Trimmer is adjustable in 12 positions of the cutting head allowing you to work with extreme ease on any shape and size of hedge. Its total length is 160 cm which decreases to 99 cm when completely closed. When it's time to prune the hedge to prepare it for winter, this battery-powered hedge trimmer will be ready for action straight away.

PSA1000 pruner

Ego Pruner PSA1000 038450

The pruner allows you to cut tree branches quickly and efficiently. Equipped with a 25 cm bar, it has a chain speed of 15 m/s allowing you to move around branches easily without the hassle of cables or exhaust fumes linked to the use of petrol. Since it is a light tool, only 1.9 kg , it is easy to lift it also thanks to the reduced vibrations given by the absence of brushes inside the motor.

BA2800T Battery + Quick Charger

Ego Battery BA2800T Rapid Charger CH5500E

A 5.0 Ah battery with 56 V lithium ion cells is supplied together with the kit. The innovative arc shape fights overheating and maximizes autonomy, allowing you to continue working for longer. The CH5500E rapid charger is able to recharge the supplied battery in 40 minutes and thanks to the 360° air flow the battery temperature is kept low, reducing charging times.

EGO MHBC 1204 autonomy with compatible batteries based on the application

EGO MHSC2002E + STA1500 brush cutter attachment

Battery Model Autonomy
BA1400T (2.5Ah) Up to 18 min
BA2240T/BA2242T (4.0Ah) Up to 35 min
BA2800T (5.0Ah) Up to 45 min
BA3360T (6.0Ah) Up to 55 min
BA4200T (7.5Ah) Up to 72 min
BA5600T (10Ah) Up to 93 min
BA6720T (12Ah) Up to 110 min
BAX1500 (28Ah) Up to 300 min

EGO MHSC2002E + HTA200 hedge trimmer attachment

Battery Model Autonomy
BA1400T (2.5Ah) Up to 37 min
BA2240T/BA2242T (4.0Ah) Up to 65 min
BA2800T (5.0Ah) Up to 82 min
BA3360T (6.0Ah) Up to 98 min
BA4200T (7.5Ah) Up to 122 min
BA5600T (10Ah) Up to 157 min
BA6720T (12Ah) Up to 188 min
BAX1500 (28Ah) Up to 680 min

EGO MHSC2002E + EA0800 trimmer attachment

Battery Model Autonomy
BA2240T/BA2242T (4.0Ah) Up to 50 min
BA2800T (5.0Ah) Up to 60 min
BA3360T (6.0Ah) Up to 75 min
BA4200T (7.5Ah) Up to 100 min
BA5600T (10Ah) Up to 132 min
BA6720T (12Ah) Up to 158 min
BAX1500 (28Ah) Up to 530 min

EGO MHSC2002E + Attachment for PSA1000 Pruner

The operating times indicated refer to x2 of the batteries listed

Battery Model Autonomy
BA1400T (2.5Ah) Up to 70 cuts
BA2240T/BA2242T (4.0Ah) Up to 110 cuts
BA2800T (5.0Ah) Up to 140 cuts
BA3360T (6.0Ah) Up to 170 cuts
BA4200T (7.5Ah) Up to 210 cuts
BA5600T (10Ah) Up to 285 cuts
BA6720T (12Ah) Up to 340 cuts
BAX1500 (28Ah) Up to 660 cuts

5 year guarantee

5 year warranty

EGO Power+ products have an extended five-year warranty if registered on the Ego website within 30 days of purchase.

Standard equipment

  • Engine rod 038200
  • Brush cutter application 038250
  • Steel disc with 3 teeth 038485
  • Hedge trimmer application 038400
  • Pruner application 038450
  • Vertical trimmer application 038475
  • Battery 5.0 Ah 050775
  • Quick charger 028113

Ego multitool kit supplied

Technical data

Power Supply Drums
Battery Door Single door
Engine Type Brushless
Voltage 56V
IP class IPX4
Dimensions Rod 97 cm + accessories
Weight Rod 2.7 kg + accessories + battery 2.2 kg

Technical data

Power Supply Drums
Battery Door Single door
Engine Type Brushless
Voltage 56V
IP class IPX4
Dimensions Rod 97 cm + accessories
Weight Rod 2.7 kg + accessories + battery 2.2 kg

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2 year warranty

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