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Lavor L4 45E - Disc Brush Scrubber Dryer

Lavor L4 45E
Disc Brush Scrubber Dryer

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MPN: 8.580.0032

EAN: 8013298122349

1600 m² / h
Single phase 230V
Squegee with 300 ° rotation

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Lavor L4 45E- Professional Electric Scrubber-dryer Small Environments

Lavor L4 45 E , product code 8.580.0032 , is a Lavor branded professional scrubbing machine , made in Italy . Designed to move easily in small environments , this Lavor scrubbing machine has 230V electric operation , with an electric motor that gives the rotating brush a power of 300W and a maximum overall suction of the washer-dryer of 700W .

Lavor L4 45E is a walk behind scrubber dryer with dimensions 116 x 58 x 98 cm , for a weight of 66 kg . Equipped with non-marking wheels , a rotating disc brush and a rear Squegee to facilitate the drying of surfaces, the user will find the use of Lavor L4 45 E extremely comfortable , whatever his height. This machine has, in fact, a height- adjustable handle with a soft rubber-coated handle.

With a tapered structure, brush protruding on both sides and Squegee with rotation at 300 °, Lavor L4 45E is the evolution of the well-known Lavor Dynamic 45E scrubber dryer, of which it retains the salient features, including the reliability and certain performance of a thorough and professional cleaning , accentuated if the floor cleaner is combined with an excellent surface cleaner.

Brush, tank and Squegee

This washer-dryer is equipped with a 45 cm wide disc brush, with an hourly output of 1600 m² / h , with a speed of 145 RPM . The pressure that the brush exerts on the floor is 32 kg . Lavor L4 45E washer-dryerLavor L4 45E wheels

Made in Italy, Lavor L4 45E is equipped with an exclusive rear Squegee brush , with quick lever lifting . Equipped with wheels at the ends , the exclusive Squegee conveys by sucking the water used by the brush work directly into the recovery tank.

The tanks on Lavor L4 45E are 2 , one for the detergent with a capacity of 30L , the other, a recovery tank that holds up to 32L .

Advantages washer-dryer with disc brush

At this point, you may be wondering what is the difference, in terms of cleaning, between a washer-dryer with a disc brush, compared to other competing models. We summarize it in these points:

  • It allows a complete washing even close to the walls
  • For a prolonged action of the bristles on the surface
  • To thoroughly degrease even the most encrusted dirt

The commands of Lavor L4 45E

This professional scrubber has a quick coupling system during ignition and easy manual release of the brush, without the use of tools.

Lavor L4 45E can be easily inspected , in fact it has:

  • Convenient access to float, filter and recovery tank
  • Recovery tank can be emptied with extendable drain hose

Soft Touch Lavor L4 45E controls

The soft touch controls on this small surface scrubber include :

  • Illuminated switch to turn the vacuum motor on / off
  • Illuminated switch to start / stop the detergent pump
  • Lever for Squegee
  • Height adjustment knob and handle fixing

Thanks to the automatic start and stop , Lavor L4 45E controls the detergent flow by means of a solenoid valve , to adapt to the cleaning conditions (type of dirt and floor being used).

Retro Brush Squegee Lavor L4 45 And Professional Scrubber

Sectors of use

  • Food
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Welfare
  • Cleaning facilities
  • Industry
  • Indoors environments
  • Automotive
  • Horeca
  • GDO
  • Public
  • Outdoors


  • Electric floor cleaner with max 700W suction
  • It replaces the normal manual cleaning systems
  • Disc brush and Squeegee rear brush
  • Squegee with 300 ° rotation
  • 2 tanks, detergent and recovery
  • Quick release of the brush
  • Convenient height adjustment of the handle
  • Easily inspected (float, filter, tank)
  • Soft touch control commands
  • Automatic Start and Stop

Standard equipment

  • PP brush Ø 430 mm - 17 "
  • Rear blade sqeegee sp. 4 mm
  • Squeegee front blade 40 mm

Technical data

Supply 230V
Motor power 300 W
Brush Power 700 W
Brush Turns 145 RPM
Hourly yield 1600 m² / h
Brush / Squegee Cleaning Surface 450/540 mm
Detergent Tank 30 L
Recovery tank 32 L
Dimensions 116 x 58 x 98 cm
Weight 66 kg

Technical data

Supply 230V
Motor power 300 W
Brush Power 700 W
Brush Turns 145 RPM
Hourly yield 1600 m² / h
Brush / Squegee Cleaning Surface 450/540 mm
Detergent Tank 30 L
Recovery tank 32 L
Dimensions 116 x 58 x 98 cm
Weight 66 kg

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