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230V - 890W
3.5 L

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SEBO DART 4 - Electric Broom with Hepa Filter

SEBO DART 4 - Electric Broom with Hepa Filter EXHIBITION like new just returned from the fair. It is sold without original packaging. Perfectly working. 2 year warranty.

SEBO DART 4 is an indestructible vacuum cleaner and electric broom with HEPA filtration in class "S" which, thanks to the special SEBO KOMBI suction head with which it is equipped, is suitable for professional and industrial cleaning.

SEBO DART 4 is built with top quality materials and is equipped with an articulated attachment , soft non-slip rubber wheels that prevent damage to floors and steel reinforcements that make it incredibly resistant. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a natural bristle brush and sliders for adjusting the brush.

Furthermore, SEBO DART 4 is an extremely versatile machine that transforms, with the appropriate OPTIONAL accessories that can be purchased separately, into a powerful dry polisher (with Sebo Dart 3) or into an efficient carpet cleaner (With Sebo dart 1).

Complete view of SEBO DART 4 professional vacuum cleaner EXHIBITION

Total flexibility

Sebo Dart 4 is equipped with an exclusive swivel joint with integrated suction that allows it to reach every corner of your room. SEBO DART is an extremely maneuverable and easy to handle machine: it can perform movements of 90° on the vertical plane and 180° on the horizontal plane. SEBO DART moves with ease around any obstacle even in confined spaces.

Furthermore, it is composed of a length-adjustable handle and an ergonomic side handle for greater maneuverability. In SEBO DART there is an additional lateral flexible tube that can be equipped with different optional suction tubes to reach higher spaces or narrower corners according to needs.

Double handle SEBO DART 4 professional vacuum cleanerSEBO DART 4 vacuum brush 180° joint detail

HEPA vacuum cleaner in class "S"

SEBO DART has a continuously adjustable suction system, with HEPA filtration at three filtering levels, hospital-level anti-allergic : it is the ideal machine for those who suffer from asthma or allergies .

SEBO DART purifies the air : thanks to the innovative three-stage filtering system, SEBO DART not only cleans or polishes your floors, but also improves air quality.

With SEBO DART, fine particles that cause asthma and allergic reactions will be completely and definitively captured within the three-stage filtering system which prevents them from escaping, consisting of:

  • a three-layer bag filter (A) to block dust and bacteria and other allergens
  • a micro-filter (B) positioned under the engine capable of also blocking dust coming from the engine
  • a final exhaust filter (C) in electrostatic material of 1,646 square cm capable of capturing even the smallest particles and guaranteeing the cleanliness of the re-emitted air.

explanationdetail1 (1)

The SEBO DART filter system is certified by the " Seal Allergy Foundation of Approval " quality mark and is the perfect choice for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

For a more effective system for blocking polluting particles, SEBO DART uses "electrostatic" filtration capable of blocking dust particles that have opposite electrical charges, reducing the probability of clogging of the filters. The result is much more efficient and long-lasting filtration.


Sebo Dart 1 with Dart UHS (OPTIONAL)


SEBO DART 1 can be transformed into an excellent polisher that combines the exclusive UHS (Ultra Speed System) at 2000 rpm with the innovative polishing disc with pressure control and automatic height adjustment while maintaining the position of the polishing disc always at the correct working distance, facilitating the transition between different types of flooring such as wood, stone or linoleum.

SEBO DART UHS uses the powerful vacuum cleaner and completely collects the fine dust generated during polishing, leaving you with a perfectly clean, dry floor free of any dust without the use of water or chemicals .

Optional discs for SEBO DART

For impeccable polishing, add the optional SEBO PAD TECHNOLOGY diamond polishing discs which are supplied with three different hardnesses to allow both the restoration and maintenance phase of the surfaces.

The Red and Yellow discs are supplied in a single KIT and are used for the restoration of heavily degraded surfaces.
The green disc is used for daily/regular maintenance of the surface.
The Blue disc is used for finishing surfaces that require the use of chemical substances.

Sebo Dart 3 with Sebo ET (OPTIONAL)


These optional brushes adjust in height for carpets of different heights and furthermore, thanks to an automatic system , they block independently in the event of foreign bodies blocking the brush. Equipped with a soft bumper, it protects furnishings from scratches and knocks. The Sebo ET, called SEBO DART 1 and SEBO DART 2 respectively, are available in 27 cm and 31 cm sizes.


Even quality machines need spare parts. The parts wear out with use. Normally the parts that need to be replaced over time are:

  • the filter bags
  • the collection brushes
  • the engine micro-filters


  • SEA1081hg accessory holder pliers
  • Flat lance SEA1092
  • Special armchair brush SEA1090
  • Dust brush with soft bristles SEA1094
  • Extension tube 0.5m SEA1084
  • Kombi brush SEA7290gd
  • Extension flex hose 2.8m SEA1087
  • Radiator brush SEA1496hg
  • Wall and floor brush SEA1325
  • 10 SEBO Fresh scented capsules SEA0496

Standard equipment

Sebo Dart 4 equipment

  • Sebo Combi
  • Crevice nozzle

Technical data

Power Supply 230V
Absorbed power 890W
Cable length 10.5 m
Bag capacity 3.5 L
Noise 79 dB
Brush Width 28cm
Weight 5.3kg

Technical data

Power Supply 230V
Absorbed power 890W
Cable length 10.5 m
Bag capacity 3.5 L
Noise 79 dB
Brush Width 28cm
Weight 5.3kg

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By purchasing from Indors you will also have purchased peace of mind: our Assistance and Repairs Service guarantees quick and timely solutions for any problem thanks to the safe availability; of spare parts, your equipment will always be efficient and available within a few days at a low cost. More information

EU Warranty 2 Anni

All products sold by Indors are covered by a legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase for purchases by individuals (12 months for professional users) for lack of conformity, pursuant to art. 128 ff. Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
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2 year warranty

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