Duplex 280 Mini
Electric Exhibition Floor Scrubber


140 m² / h
Electric 230V

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Duplex 280 Mini Scrubber Dryer for Exhibition Floors

Exhibition washer-dryer in perfect condition (see photo gallery), used only for small demonstrations in the shop. 2 year guarantee.

The Duplex Mini 280 carpet cleaner is a little engineering jewel. Compact in size, it is perfect for small rooms, managing to reach the tightest spaces.

Favored, in this sense, by the bidirectionality of the handle which, as in all the models of the Duplex family, allows you to change the direction of travel with the simple inversion of the handle itself.

Built with aluminum casing, to ensure the airtightness of each component and thus avoid infiltration of water and dust inside, the new born of the Duplex family combines functionality and manageability with great reliability.

Easy to use, to transport from one room to another and to store, due to its small size, using a Mini 280 is a real fun.

High technology for the total cleaning of every surface

The Duplex Mini 280 carpet cleaner is an absolutely versatile machine as regards the surfaces to be cleaned. It works perfectly on raised, wooden, terracotta, PVC, ceramic, marble, stoneware, stone, rubber bolted floors, carpets and rugs.

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The central position of the engine and the overlying tray allow for perfect balance: an important prerogative to ensure lightness and manageability in all work situations.

it is the only machine in the world that is completely watertight: therefore neither dust nor water nor residues of any other kind are introduced inside.

The nickel-plated crankcase protects the mechanical transmissions and the engine which, therefore, do not require any maintenance and lubrication.

Lightweight and easy to handle, it does not tire those who use it.

Its weight of only thirteen kilograms, allows it to be lifted by anyone with such ease, and can be transported from one room to another by tilting it on one side as it slides through two special small wheels.

Less than 60 db.

  • Decentralization of the brushes. The brushes thus moved to one side easily reach the corners of each wall.
  • Double washing advance system. This solution allows to reverse the working position thanks to the bidirectional handle
  • Easy disassembly of the brushes. The brushes are inaserite with the "bayonet" system and can be quickly removed and / or replaced by simply pressing a lever
  • Double dirt collection system. Obtained from the simultaneous action of two original conveyors
  • Double washing system. Obtained through the synergistic action of the two powerful brushes which rotate opposite each other at a speed of 3.75 meters per second.
  • Double system of use. Soaking washing, with the recovery of the dirt in a second time, or washing with simultaneous dirt recovery.
  • Water tank with detergent. This tank is easily removable to be able to fill it even under a tap.
  • Recovery tank. it is located in the center of the machine and easy to extract. Its two upper edges are used to collect dirt, acting directly on the two conveyor belts

Technical data

Supply 230V 50Hz
Power 350 W
Track washed 224 mm
Brush Width 224 mm
Tank capacity 1.75 L
Surrender 100/140 m² / h
Noisiness <60 dB
Dimension 33 x 28 x165 cm
Weight 13 kg

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EU Warranty 2 Anni

All products sold by Indors are covered by a legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase for purchases by individuals (12 months for professional users) for lack of conformity, pursuant to art. 128 ff. Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
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2 year warranty

Technical data

Supply 230V 50Hz
Power 350 W
Track washed 224 mm
Brush Width 224 mm
Tank capacity 1.75 L
Surrender 100/140 m² / h
Noisiness <60 dB
Dimension 33 x 28 x165 cm
Weight 13 kg

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