BIEMMEDUE Maxim 40 M Oil
Fair Used Chip Vacuum


230V - 1.4 kW
60 L / s - 40 L
Exclusive use with liquids

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Biemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil - Extractor and Emulsified Oil Recovery

The Extractor Aspiratrucioli - Biemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil is fully functional but returned from exposure with slight dents, almost imperceptible, on the part of the handles. 2 year guarantee.

Compact professional chip vacuum Biemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil , sucks chips separating them from the emulsified oil allowing the oil to be recovered with extreme ease and practicality. Biemmedue Maxim 40 is ideal for mechanical workshops, lathes and metalworking places in general .


  • Specifically designed for the recovery and separation of emulsified oil and swarf
  • Ideal for mechanical workshops, lathes etc.
  • The suction from the top facilitates the passage of liquids and shavings, allowing the maximum capacity of the motor to be exploited
  • Oil and shavings arrive directly and unhindered in the special chip separator insert, where the shavings are separated from the oil and retained, while the oil is deposited in the barrel
  • This way all the chips can be easily recovered by removing the insert that contains the chips
  • Compact yet roomy design
  • Sturdy construction, stainless steel barrel mounted on a resistant steel wheel base

Biemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil - Extractors Separation Recovery of Emulsified Oil

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Biemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil - Chip vacuumBiemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil - Aspirator and Oil RecoveryBiemmedue Maxim 40 M Oil - Emulsified Oil Recovery


  • Sponge filter
  • Hose
  • Oil resistant flat lance


  • Sponge filter
  • Hose
  • Oil resistant flat lance

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