Munters Breeze Fan
Low Speed Fan

230÷400V - 1100 W
183000 m³/h
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Munters Breeze Fan Low Speed Fan

The Munters Breeze Fan is a low speed fan, built to ensure the circulation of large volumes of air, moved in the most efficient way inside buildings, which house animals. The Breeze Fan creates a slow, gentle breeze that reduces the effective temperature during hot spells and circulates upward warm air, causing it to drop down to ground level during cold spells. In addition, the low-speed Breeze Fan reduces moisture in the air, moisture on the ground, condensation and bad odors , creating a more comfortable environment for pets.

Farm animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and horses are very sensitive to thermal stress, in fact in the hot summer periods the production undergoes a decline due to the animals that reserve their energy in cooling. The Breeze Fan is designed to generate a gentle flow of air to ensure comfort due to the animals.

The special blade profile of the Munters Breeze Fan is capable of producing a large cylindrical air column, directed towards the floor. When the air touches the floor, it is directed outwards in all directions, creating a “horizontal jet of air”.

Breeze Fan Munters Fan for farms

Main features

  • Large volumes of air
  • Comfortable ventilation
  • Extremely High Energy Efficiency
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Very low noise level
  • Reduces thermal stress and improves comfort
  • It improves air quality, reduces the presence of bacteria and ammonia
  • Easy to install in both new and existing structures

Technical specifications

Power supply 230V / 400V 50-60 Hz
Fan diameter 4.38 m
Number of Shovels 8
Scope from 63,000 to 183,000 m³ / h
Number of laps 30-98 RPM
Operating temperature -25 ° ÷ 50 ° C
Weight 130 Kg

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Munters Breeze Fan - Low Speed Fan

230÷400V - 1100 W
183000 m³/h

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