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Samsung Jet 75 Premium - Battery Vacuum Cleaner - VS20T7538T5 / ET

Samsung Jet 75 Premium
Battery Vacuum Cleaner
VS20T7538T5 / ET

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3000 mAh battery
200 W
HEPA filter

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Samsung Jet 75 Premium VS20T7538T5 / ET - Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Jet 75 Premium is a particularly powerful vacuum cleaner for cleaning various types of flooring, thanks to its powerful motor and its accessories, it is able to perform optimal cleaning on all surfaces.

Samsung Jet 75 PremiumSamsung Jet 75 Premium

To characterize this electric broom there is not only the power but also a considerable autonomy of one hour , the battery is also replaceable , allowing the user to clean for several hours by directly changing the battery, without waiting for the vacuum cleaner recharge. Draining the tank of this electric broom is very simple , and it is also possible to wash it with water.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium tank drain

Technical specifications

The Samsung Jet 75 Premium Li-ion battery vacuum cleaner represents hygiene at maximum power , thanks to the Samsung Jet Digital Inverter motor it is able to offer truly high performance , reaching 200 W of suction power.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium suction system

The 5-layer HEPA filter is certified by SLG and BAF , the air breathed is cleaner , the cyclone filter and the metal mesh grille retain the coarsest dust particles, the Jet Cyclone system and the micro-filter block the smaller particles and finally the ultra-fine dust filter retains up to 99.999% of the micro-dust, including allergens and particles as small as 0.3 ÷ 10 µm .

Samsung Jet 75 Premium hepa filterSamsung Jet 75 Premium hepa filter

The vacuum cleaner comes with a lightweight design , allowing the user to clean the house effortlessly , thanks to the handy design capable of reducing strain on the wrist, plus it weighs only 1.66 kg .

Samsung Jet 75 Premium handlecompactness Samsung Jet 75 PremiumSamsung Jet 75 Premium components

The charging stand is flexible 2 in 1 , you can store the vacuum cleaner and recharge its battery at the same time, the stand easily fits into any space and to minimize clutter it can be mounted on the wall , otherwise you can use it like a normal charger wherever you are.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium wall mountSamsung Jet 75 Premium wall mount charging

The dust container is washable , including the multi- cyclonic system , furthermore the removal is simple and intuitive , just turn the aspirator upside down. The capacity of the dust container is 0.8 L and the electric broom also makes a noise level of 86 dB .

Samsung Jet 75 Premium tankSamsung Jet 75 Premium tankempty tank Samsung Jet 75 Premium

Floor cleaning brush

By applying the supplied reusable microfibre cloths or disposable wet wipes to the Samsung Jet 75 Premium vacuum cleaner, it helps you to clean hard and wooden floors with maximum effectiveness and minimum effort , with a duration of use up to 60 minutes it will make it shine all floors in the house.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium scrub brush

Soft Action Brush

The Soft Action soft brush with a cleaning width of 25 cm collects even the finest dust from hard floors and crevices with its anti-static silver threads . This brush moves 180 °, allowing the user to clean in every corner, plus maintenance is done with the push of a button.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium soft action floor brushSamsung Jet 75 Premium soft action floor brush


The electric broom is powered by a 3000 mAh and 21.9 V Li-ion battery, thanks to which it is possible to work up to an hour, the consumption is 550 W. To clean for a longer time, you can replace the battery with a charged one, without having to wait for the discharged battery to be recharged.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium battery

Jet Cyclone

Samsung Jet 75 Premium presents the high efficiency Jet Cyclone system with multi- cyclonic structure , which offers cleaner air and an extraordinary suction power that lasts longer , is able to retain dust particles by separating them from the released air in the environment, for maximum hygiene . Thanks to the 27 inlets , the air follows an optimal path that minimizes the loss of suction power.

information jet cyclone Samsung Jet 75 Premium

Digital Display

The electric broom has an integrated digital display , from which it is possible to constantly monitor its charge status, and the type of brush in use and any problems with the brush bar or clogging are also shown in an intuitive way.

Samsung Jet 75 Premium digital display

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  • Lightweight design
  • Power 200 W
  • Autonomy 60 minutes
  • 0,8 L powder tank
  • Digital display
  • Digital Inverter Motor
  • Noise 86 dB
  • Cleaning width 25 cm
  • 180 ° rotation

Standard equipment

  • Mini brush
  • Dust Launcher
  • Mini turbo brush
  • Flexible accessory
  • HEPA filter
  • Battery charger
  • Battery
  • Instruction manual

Technical data

Power Supply 3000 mAh Li-ion battery
Power 200 W
Consumption 550 W
Reservoir 0.8 L
Noisiness 86 dB
Rpm 3750 RPM
Digital Display Yup
Autonomy 60 minutes
Rotation 180 °
Working width 25 cm
Filter HEPA 5 Layers
Dimensions 25 x 113 x 22 cm
Weight 1.66 kg

Technical data

Power Supply 3000 mAh Li-ion battery
Power 200 W
Consumption 550 W
Reservoir 0.8 L
Noisiness 86 dB
Rpm 3750 RPM
Digital Display Yup
Autonomy 60 minutes
Rotation 180 °
Working width 25 cm
Filter HEPA 5 Layers
Dimensions 25 x 113 x 22 cm
Weight 1.66 kg

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