Moduline Pure Peroxide
2 Nozzle Sanitizer

230 V - 850 W
Sanitizing Nebulizer for environments

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Pure Peroxide 2 Nozzles - Non Corrosive Sanitizer for Large Spaces

Pure Peroxide is a portable machine - with certified quality and entirely Made In Italy - using hydrogen peroxide for professional sanitization and disinfection of private and public environments such as workplaces, factories, offices, catering premises, in the hospitality in the HoReCa sector.

Hydrogen peroxide - already known and used as a disinfectant for topical use - is used by Pure Peroxide stabilized at 7.5% and nebulized for producing a dry mist;  it can sanitise environments in only 20 minutes.

The stabilized hydrogen peroxide mixture, once reached the saturation point, produces 6 microns particles which, releasing hydroxyl radicals with biocidal action, eliminates effectively bacteria and viruses, preventing their reproduction.

The emission of the sanitizer by Pure Peroxide takes place automatically, without particular assistance by the operator. The delivery is extremely fast (1 min / 20 m³), allowing a rapid sanitization with certified effectiveness.

The Ministry of Health - circular n ° 5443  dated 22/02/2020 - recognizes stabilized hydrogen peroxide as one of the allowed methods for sanitization, disinfection that causes no harm to humans and it can contain the new Coronavirus spread.

Sanitizing with Pure Peroxide doesn't require any specific training or particular attention: its use is simple and intuitive and handling the hydrogen peroxide mixture requires the same attention and care used with other cleansers.

The hydrogen peroxide nebulised by Pure Peroxide isn't corrosive on machinery, on materials or fabrics; It is possible to enter the treated environment only 20 minutes after the ended nebulization cycle, without any risk for people. The sanitized environment will be safe and healthy. The mixture, totally non-toxic, can be vaporised on any surface, and it is pefect for disinfecting air ducts.

Pure Peroxide with 2 Nozzles

Compared to the standard PurePX500 and PurePX1000 models, sanitising 500 and 1000 m³ respectively, the two nozzle model guarantees a greater hydrogen peroxide sanitizer release, allowing a fast sanitisation of large surfaces.

Designed with a comfortable trolley for easy movements, PurePX2-1000 sanitizes up to 1000 m³ in 30 minutes. With only 60 minutes Pure PX2-2000 model makes an area of about 2000 m³  free from viruses and bacteria.

Advantages of sanitizing with Pure Peroxide

  • Sanitizing with Moduline Pure Peroxide doesn't require specific training or particular attention. Handling the mixture of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) requires the same care used with other detergents;
  • The hydrogen peroxide, nebulised by Pure Peroxide, isn't corrosive on machinery, on materials or fabrics;
  • The treated spaces can be accessed after only 20 minutes. The sanitised environment will be safe and healthy.
  • The mixture, completely non-toxic, can be vaporized on any surface and it is perfect for disinfecting air ducts.

How Pure Peroxide works

  • The professional sanitiser consists of 4 buttons: the commands are simple and intuitive;
  • When activated, there are 15 seconds before the sanitisation process starts;
  • Hydrogen peroxide causes no harm to human health with the exception of a slight irritation, in case of skin exposure to vaporisation;
  • The dry fog produced by Pure Proxide treats quickly an area of 500 m³ - 170 m². The models with two nozzles - selectable from the drop-down menu - can reach a volume of 1000m³ and 2000m³, thanks to the two spray nozzles.
  • The tank housing the peroxide mixture has 1.5 L capacity, allowing 4 sanitizing cycles of about 30 minutes
  • An acoustic signal highlights the sanitization end, allowing an immediate return to the room.

Please note

It is recommended to leave the room to be sanitized, letting the Pure Peroxide automatic sanitizer act for 20 minutes.

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  • The trolley, equipped with door, intermediate compartment, tank compartment and 4 swivel wheels.
  • 7.5% stabilized hydrogen peroxide, available in 5L and 20L cans.

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