FilAir Etere - Purificatore Aria Compatto
  • FilAir Etere - Purificatore Aria Compatto
  • FilAir Etere - Purificatore Aria Compatto

FilAir Etere
Portable Air Purifier

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230V - 15 W
80 m³/h

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FilAir Etere - Professional Air Purifier

FilAir Etere is an air purifier for purifying indoor environments, capable of retaining particles harmful to health and introducing clean air . Indoor environments have long been subject to numerous studies due to their high pollution; within domestic environments and offices, we are surrounded by invisible elements which, as we breathe, enter our body; the pollutants dispersed in the air can have various negative effects on our health, starting from a simple headache or burning in the eyes and up to much more serious ailments. In the workplace, poor air quality causes a drop in productivity, compromises concentration and negatively affects learning and memory.

filair indoor air purifier

FilAir air purifiers are completely Made in Italy and are compact objects with a modern design that can be used in any environment and can improve the quality of the air in the environments where we spend most of our time. The practical touch display with capacitive keys allows you to quickly set the parameters of use such as automatic shutdown and fan speed, while the LED lights clearly indicate the status of the filter and the modes of use set. On the side of the device there is also a port for connecting to printers via the Print Link accessory (optional purchase option) to allow the automatic start-up of the purifier in case of prints, thus ensuring the elimination of harmful fine particles emitted by the toner.

Most viruses are 0.02 to 0.3 microns in diameter but are usually contained in larger droplets that travel through the air through coughing, sneezing, etc. Ether, thanks to the Hepa H13 layer, is able to retain particles up to 0.3 microns in size and therefore capture these viruses by eliminating them from the air. Following tests carried out in accredited laboratories, it has emerged that the intermediate magnetic layer is capable of retaining particles of metal powders, electrostatically charged particles and free radicals with dimensions down to 0.2 microns.

Composition of the Filter

FilAir Etere - Air Purifier with Filter

FilAir Etere was designed following in-depth studies and tests on the problem, which allowed the development of HeMaCa, a special three-layer filter, respectively the HE PA H13 filter, the assisted magnetic layer and a layer of Active C arbons . . This filter is able to retain 99.97% of fine particles up to the size of 0.3 microns which are normally the most difficult to trap.

HeMaCa is the only filter capable of retaining heavy metals and all types of ionized particles and free radicals responsible for damage to human health and its effectiveness has been tested by both Italian and foreign laboratories.

The filter is subjected to an antimicrobial treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and molds, is easily replaceable and lasts about 6 months with average use.

The HEPA Filter has H13 effectiveness level which means it is highly effective at removing 99.97% of harmful particles in the air including microscopic allergens, bacteria, viruses, fine particles and pollen. In addition, laboratory tests have shown Filair's ability to prevent microbial contamination.

The magnetic layer increases Filair's abatement capacity of pollutants by 50% compared to normal filters on the market and its task is to capture fine dust of heavy metals, free radicals and ionized and electrostatically charged particles of very small size, up to 0.2 μm, i.e. those considered more dangerous and difficult to trap.

Activated carbons are capable of retaining volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as gases, formaldehyde vapors, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Print Link - optional accessory


Print Link is the ideal accessory in offices where there is frequent use of the printer that can seriously affect the health of workers. The optional accessory not included Print Link connects the printer to the Filair purifier through a cable and activates it at maximum speed every time you start a print in order to instantly capture all the harmful particles released by the toner .

Efficacy against viruses

The Filair purifier has also been tested against the spread of Coronaviruses which are transmitted by air following the dispersion of infected particles in the air. Since the HEPA filter of which Filair Etere is disposed is able to retain particles of dimensions between 0.1 and 0.25 microns and that the virus particles can reach up to 0.16 microns, it can be said that the HEPA filter H13 is the only technology whose performance is certified on particles of dimensions attributable to this type of virus. For larger particles the performance of that filter is even better.

By clicking here you can download the evidence report on the functionality of the HeMaCa virus filter

Tests and awards

Filair and its HEMACA filter have been carefully subjected to a complex research and development activity in some of the most renowned laboratories in Italy on the subject of filtration. Thanks to these tests, the effectiveness of the filter has been shown to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air by up to 50% more than common filters on the market. Some of the research centers involved were ISPeSL, CSA, Politecnico di Torino, University of Siena and the Ministry of Health.



  • Compact and modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Touch controls
  • Filtration up to 99.7% of fine dust
  • Special 3-component filter
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Connection to printers with Print Link accessory
  • Made in Italy

FilAir Etere - Office Air PurifierFilair purification children's room - clean airFilAir Etere Domestic Air Purifier

How to use

The Filair Etere certified air purifier is simple to use and extremely intuitive thanks to its on and off system through an on / off button that also manages the stand-by mode . Furthermore, Filair gives the possibility to choose between 4 different fan powers according to the conditions in which it must operate and allows to program automatic shutdown after 2h-4h-6h-8h of activity.

Filair Etere has a filter indicator that activates autonomously to remind you to replace the filter that has now reached saturation.

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Technical data

Power Supply 230V
Consumption 15 W
Effectiveness 80 m³ / h
Noisiness 30-50 dB
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 13 cm
Weight 2.4 kg

Technical data

Power Supply 230V
Consumption 15 W
Effectiveness 80 m³ / h
Noisiness 30-50 dB
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 13 cm
Weight 2.4 kg

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EU Warranty 2 Anni

All products sold by Indors are covered by a legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase for purchases by individuals (12 months for professional users) for lack of conformity, pursuant to art. 128 ff. Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
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2 year warranty

FilAir Etere - Portable Air Purifier
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