Cryogenic Sandblasting

Cryogenic cleaning , also called dry ice cleaning , is an extremely effective, dry, non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning process that can be used in various industrial areas to remove paint, dirt, grease or similar layers from the surface of materials . For some years the industry has relied on dry ice pellets for fast and incredibly effective dry ice cleaning .


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Car restoration

Cleaning Greasy and oily dirt

How Dry Ice Cleaning Works

From the cryogenic sandblaster tank, the pellets end up in a dosing device and then be accelerated by the compressed air emitted by a high-capacity compressor. The vacuum created in the jet gun gently sucks the pellets to accelerate them up to 300 m / s. Thanks to the high-pressure nozzles, the jet of dry ice is shot with compressed air on the surface to be treated, bringing it to a temperature of -79 ° C. Thanks to this immediate thermal effect, the layer of dirt on the surface shatters and is then removed by the next jet of dry ice.

Unlike common blasting methods, cryogenic blasting does not damage the surface to be cleaned.

The Advantages of Cryogenic Sandblasting

The main advantage of dry ice cleaning is that dry ice pellets evaporate immediately after removing the dirt from the surface. This feature makes cryogenic sandblasting a cleaning system that fully respects the surface to be treated .

  • no damage to the treated surfaces
  • cleaning speed
  • cleaning quality
  • sanitation of the treated surfaces
  • no chemicals
  • very low disposal costs

What You Need to Get Started

  • Compressor
    starting from 1.5 m³ / min and 6 bar fixed or mobile
  • DIS Dry Ice System
    Cryogenic sandblaster
  • 3mm dry ice pellets
    produced by the DIS pelletizer or available from gas suppliers
    for storing dry ice pellets

cryogenic cleaning equipment

Intelblast cryogenic sandblasters

Intelblast Mini, The Compact

The Intelblast IBL Mini is a compact and cost effective cryogenic sandblaster suitable for use with low air flow compressors. The IBL Mini is the ideal choice for companies that want to have the opportunity to clean small parts and surfaces without being forced to use compressors with high air flow rates. Learn more

IntelBlast IBL3000 The Most Performing

The Intelblast IBL3000 cryogenic sandblaster was developed in close collaboration with customers who have had specific needs in many dry ice challenges. Size and simplicity combined with knowledge, strength and durability make the Intelblast IBL3000 a quality cryogenic sandblaster. Learn more

Nozzles for every use

Intelblast offers a full range of accessories suitable for every use.

Uses and Applications of Cryogenic Cleaning

Cryogenic cleaning offers the possibility to clean the most stubborn dirt with extreme ease and speed, without damaging the treated surface and without wetting it, thus becoming an extremely versatile cleaning system, capable of covering many varieties of sectors of use. Below are the main areas where dry cleaning is commonly used, and related views before and after cryogenic treatments.

A few examples

Production Cars Cleaning Cryogenic sandblasting

Automobile production

Car manufacturers have made dry ice cleaning a fixed part of the manufacturing process.

cryogenic sandblasting for the chemical industry

Chemical Industry

Containers, belt systems, dosing systems or mixers can be easily cleaned from bitumen, adhesive resins and other substances.

rehabilitation after fires

Remediation after fires

Cryogenic blasting is particularly suitable for buildings damaged during a fire which, if not completely destroyed, can still be restored. For this reason, cleaning with dry ice is increasingly imposed by insurance companies.

cryogenic cleaning of air ducts

Cleaning of Air Conditioners and Kitchen Exhaust Pipes

From a hygienic point of view, keeping the filters intact is not enough. The dirt deposited in the pipes is a real breeding ground for pathogens and parasites which then spread into the air.

synthetic materials industry

Synthetic Materials Industry

Effective removal of release agents and residues without heating or using chemicals. Cleaning of extruders of synthetic material, parts and molds.

Cryogenic cleaning of building facades

Facade cleaning

Cryogenic cleaning of facades with dry ice makes sense if you have to clean a building very quickly without installing scaffolding and without using water.

cryogenic cleaning in foundries

Cryogenic Cleaning in Foundries

In foundries, molds must be cleaned at regular intervals. Thanks to cryogenic sandblasting it is no longer necessary to disassemble, cool and heat the molds. This considerably reduces downtime and costs for mold preparation and waste disposal.

Cryogenic cleaning automotive sector

Automotive sector

Dry ice jet cleaning is used in the automotive sector for cleaning engines, gearboxes, rims, car interiors, etc.

Cleaning of pipes

Cleaning of Pipes

The fields of application in this case mainly refer to small pipes, such as the production lines of the DN 12 and DN 200 sector. Thanks to cryogenic cleaning, the economic advantages are truly remarkable.

Cryogenic sandblasting for tire production

Tire production

With cryogenic cleaning in just 10 minutes, vulcanization residues (rubber) are removed from the mold without damaging it. 500% time savings.

Cryogenic cleaning of paper production machines

Paper Processing Machines

Thanks to cryogenic sandblasting, partially painted steel and copper pipes can be cleaned from cellulose and grease in about 3 minutes without damaging the treated surfaces. 500% time savings.

Cryogenic cleaning packaging machines

Packaging Machines

With cryogenic cleaning, adhesives, paper dust and grease are removed from aluminum surfaces and pneumatic pipes in just 3 minutes without damaging them. 300% time savings.

Cleaning of printing machines

Printing Machines

With cryogenic blasting, printing inks and greases are removed from printing rollers and other components in approximately 30 minutes without damaging them. 500% time savings.

cleaning valves for polyurethane systems

Plant Valves for Polyurethane Foam

With cryogenic cleaning, resins and adhesives are removed from the valves in about 1 minute without damaging them. 500% time savings.

cleaning robot welding

Welding Robot

With cryogenic cleaning, smoke, welding spots and combustion residues are removed from painted and non-painted surfaces of robots in about 5 minutes without damaging them. 1000% time savings.

cryogenic cleaning of painting equipment

Painting Equipment

With cryogenic sandblasting, two-component paints are removed from the steel frames in about 5 minutes. 300% time savings.

Cryogenic cleaning of credit card machines

Credit Card Production Machinery

With cryogenic sandblasting, plastic, screen colors and grease are removed from the printing rollers in about 10 minutes without damaging them. 500% time savings.

Cleaning welding guns

Welding Pliers

With the cryogenic cleaning in about 10-15 minutes the calamine is removed from the copper, rubber and aluminum surfaces without damage. 500% time savings.

Graffiti removal


With cryogenic cleaning in about 2 minutes per square meter, acrylic graffiti paints are removed from aluminum surfaces without damaging it.

engine cleaning


With cryogenic cleaning, oils and greases are removed from engines in about 15 minutes, without damaging the treated parts.

Cleaning Electrical Panels

Cleaning of electrical panels

With cryogenic cleaning, in about 15 minutes, dust, dirt, soot and oil particles are removed from electrical conductors, relays and synthetic materials without damaging the treated surfaces.

Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

In just about 1 minute per square meter, cryogenic cleaning removes moss, scales and environmental damage from concrete.

petrochemical industry

Petrochemical Industry

In about 30 seconds the bitumen present in the painted sheet metal signs is eliminated. 500% time savings.

Engine cleaning

Cleaning the Engine

Oil, grease and environmental dirt are completely eliminated in about 3 minutes, making the engine practically new.

Cleaning of Ovens

Cleaning the baking plates

In about 2 minutes the combustion residues are swept away from the stainless steel.

Sectors of Use of Cryogenic Cleaning

  • Aerospace undercarriage components, aircraft parts, engines, electronic components etc.
  • Shoe factories removing release agents from molds
  • Cleaning carpentry in all production departments
  • Building cleaning of facades, care of monuments, cleaning of fountains, etc.
  • Government agencies , electricity, thermoelectric power plants, generators, escalators, chewing gum removal
  • Foundries removal of release agents and adhesives
  • Forge removal of release agents and adhesives
  • Oil Groups and Refineries Cleaning of tanks, pipe and pipe systems
  • Interior bleaching degreasing of walls, color removal
  • Automotive Industry / Induced removal of release agents, welding residues, cleaning of grease and color residues, cleaning of conveyor belts
  • Chemical Industry / Semiconductor Industry Immersion baths, systems of all kinds
  • Ceramic industry ceramic diving figures, machine parts
  • Polystyrene Industry The clogged holes can be released immediately
  • Food industry breweries, bakeries, dairies, butchers, abattoirs, cleaning of ovens, conveyor belts, tanks, machinery, malt mixing plants and the entire production sector
  • Synthetic Materials Industry mold cleaning, part deburring and tool cleaning
  • Electrotechnical industry cleaning of electrical panels, cleaning of transformers, cleaning of chips
  • Underground removal of graffiti, cleaning of tracks
  • Ships and boats cleaning of ship hulls, stripping, osmosis treatment, removal of moss, descaling, removal of rust
  • Production of tires removal of vulcanization residues on presses
  • Cleaning of Buildings and Roads, facades, walls, wooden frames, streets, floors, tiles, stones, graffiti removal
  • Remediation from Asbestos removal of residues on a bituminous basis
  • Restoration after fires restoration to its original state, cleaning of delicate components, removal of soot
  • Printing presses for cleaning rotation systems, development baths, deep print machines, color trays, printing accessories, anilox rollers, matrices, textile printing systems
  • Nuclear power plants cleaning turbines
  • Photo sensors removing silicone from lenses
  • Winding cleaning generators
  • Forestry removal of parasites from trees
  • Cleaning shipments of tanks and containers
  • Production of Sci removal of fats and the like during production
  • Electric motors cleaning and stripping of motors
  • Other uses cleaning stone stairways, floors, removing chewing gum from floors, environmental dirt and encrustations

At Indors you will find the best cryogenic sandblasters from Intelblast, a leading company in the sector. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or simply to ask for information.

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