Portable Heating, Electric Heaters, Floor Statnding Heaters, Patio Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Suspend Oil Heaters

Portable HeatingElectric HeatersFloor Statnding Heaters, Patio Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Suspend Oil Heaters.

. All about professional, industrial and factory heating machinery from the best brands on the market.

How to choose the most suitable heaters for heating sheds, workshops, construction sites but also agricultural greenhouses and li...

Portable Heating, Electric Heaters, Floor Statnding Heaters, Patio Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Suspend Oil Heaters

Portable HeatingElectric HeatersFloor Statnding Heaters, Patio Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Suspend Oil Heaters.

. All about professional, industrial and factory heating machinery from the best brands on the market.

How to choose the most suitable heaters for heating sheds, workshops, construction sites but also agricultural greenhouses and livestock farms. How to calculate the heat requirement of the room to be heated, choose the power supply system that best suits your needs and possibilities.

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The Industrial Heaters

Industrial heaters are much stronger and more powerful than residential heaters. They are generally used in all environments without central heating systems, and are subject to extreme conditions of use such as very low temperatures. Portable heaters are used by many people in garages, workshops, and in all those unheated work or leisure areas to raise the comfort level of the environment.

Industrial heaters, depending on the model, are commonly used to heat both small rooms such as garages, as well as very large spaces such as warehouses and sheds. Some models are also used to speed up the drying of paint, concrete or to restore buildings damaged by flooding. Industrial heaters are also used in agricultural greenhouses to regulate the climate at the most suitable temperatures for crops, and in covered farms to improve comfort and therefore animal production.

Industrial Heating Biemmedue

Founded in 1979, Biemmedue SpA is a world leader in the design and production of hot air generators, professional dehumidifiers and industrial cleaning machines.

Master Industrial Heaters

The Master Climate Solutions Group is a world leader in the production of portable equipment for: heating, dehumidification and ventilation.

Uses of Heaters

- Building heaters

This category includes mobile heaters responding to the logic of mobile or temporary emergency heating, indoors and outdoors, with a relatively low price and above all that do not require installation. Handy, easy to move, sturdy, reliable and flexible, these heaters are mainly used in building (construction sites, constructions, etc.) and in temporary structures. these are generally oil or gas heaters, equipped with wheels and / or handles for handling that can be equipped with accessories that allow different applications. Construction is the reference market for Master and Biemmedue products. Professional Master and Biemmedue heaters are widely used in this sector. A very important factor to consider when choosing an industrial heater is the possibility of using it in difficult conditions. The machine, therefore, must have a resistant structure and great efficiency. The Master and Biemmedue heaters are very versatile and have low operating costs. In fact, these characteristics are fundamental for the construction sector. In addition to increasing the temperature by heating the surrounding environment, Master heaters also allow you to speed up processing steps such as drying cement and paints.

- Laboratory and garage heating

The Master and Biemmedue heaters can also be used in small businesses as well. Our offer, in fact, also includes items with lower power, more compact, easy and quick to install, without excessive costs of use. They are frequently used in workshops, car washes and small craft workshops. They are used at specific times of the year, depending on the weather conditions and the individual needs of the entrepreneur, based on the requirements imposed by the activity. The Master and Biemmedue heaters include diesel, methane, and electric powered devices. We have a wide range of products with different capabilities and applications.

- Heating Events and Military Applications

Biemmedue and Master heaters are very popular in the entertainment industry. The hot air generators are used both during the preparatory work and during the events themselves. The incredible mobility and speed of installation make the Master and Biemmedue heaters the ideal choice for temporary installations, where the installation of other heating or ventilation systems would be impossible or would take too long. Master and Biemmedue offer ready-to-use solutions for tents and pavilions. These special devices ensure comfortable and effective use.

- Emergency Hot Air Generators

The offer of Biemmedue and Master heaters includes ready-to-use solutions, aimed at the forces involved in the elimination of flood damage. During emergency situations or natural disasters, it is necessary to react promptly, in any condition. Master and Biemmedue heaters allow you to quickly heat shelters and dry out flooded buildings. The Master and Biemmedue heaters include professional accessories that can also be used in extreme conditions, compact devices, perfect even for smaller buildings or private homes.

- Agriculture and Livestock Heating

The mobile hot air generators dedicated to applications in agriculture and livestock, solve many heating problems in structures (greenhouses, farms) where it is important to keep the investment cost low. Usually these are heaters equipped with hooks or brackets for ceiling installation or base for floor installation on support bases. These heaters in turn can have an integrated or separate burner. In the first case, applications in dusty, dirty and oxygen-free environments are not recommended, while in the second they can also be used in "hostile" environments as long as a sheath is connected to the burner by means of a snorkel socket for the intake of clean air from the external. Heaters used in farms and crop warehouses are subject to increased impurities and dust. In the agricultural and livestock sector, therefore, special conditions are required and the equipment and machinery must be able to meet these conditions. Furthermore, especially on farms, the heaters are exposed to toxic gases and the action of ammonia. In addition, the livestock industry applies a much greater quantity of disinfectants and detergents to these establishments. All of these factors negatively impact heaters by accelerating the corrosion process. The construction carried out with high quality components are the basis of the success of the Biemmedue and Master heaters, both used for years in the agricultural sector even in aggressive environments.

- Industrial warehouse heating

These are industrial heaters that cannot be considered totally mobile or emergency as they require (even if limited) installations. Industrial heaters are normally used in traditional heating of warehouses, sheds, industries, etc. and, thanks to the low cost of the investment, they are a valid alternative to conventional heating systems. These are machines that develop vertically with indirect combustion: these heaters employ a heat exchanger that allows the expulsion of fumes through a chimney that can be connected to the outside; they can therefore be placed inside closed rooms, on the other hand they have an efficiency of around 90% due to the heat dispersed outside the chimney. In most cases, traditional heating for buildings involves high costs and is nevertheless not very effective. The Master and Biemmedue industrial heaters allow you to heat sheds quickly and effectively, ensuring a constant flow of hot air. The wide range of models of Master and Biemmedue heaters, with different power options, allow you to heat large rooms and even more confined areas, such as individual workstations.

Characteristics of the Portable Heating

Heaters use thermostats to control the temperature, and most use a knob to regulate the amount of heat entering your space. Most wall heaters have an importable sectarian minimum and maximum. Industrial heaters retain the heat of heated environments without overheating making operation trouble-free. The thermostats they are supplied with also increase efficiency because thanks to them, once the desired temperature is reached, they turn off the machine.

Degree of protection CEI EN 60529/1997

A very important feature especially for outdoor heaters, the standard CEI EN 60529/1997 (formerly CEI 70-1) classifies the degrees of protection of enclosures for electrical equipment. Therefore it will be necessary to carefully evaluate the location of the heater, the infrared lamp or the mushroom, to check whether the degree of protection of the same will be suitable or not for the above standards.

The IP degree is indicated with two characteristic digits plus any two additional letters.

The first digit indicates the degree of protection against the penetration of solid foreign bodies.

0no protection
1protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm in diameter
2protected against solid bodies greater than 12 mm in diameter
3protected against solid bodies greater than 2.5 mm in diameter
4protected against solid bodies greater than 1 mm in diameter
5protected against dust (no harmful deposits)
6totally protected against dust

The second digit indicates the degree of protection against the penetration of liquids.

0no protection
1protected against vertical drops of water
2protected against falling drops of water or rain up to 15 ° from the vertical
3protected against falling drops of water or rain up to 60 ° from the vertical
4protected against splashing water from all directions
5protected against water jets
6protected against powerful jets of water
7protected against the effects of temporary immersions
8protected against the effects of continuous diving

Other features to consider are:

  • Adjustable fins
    adjustable louvers that allow you to direct the heat towards the chosen direction
  • Power cable length
    A longer cable allows for greater length of operation of the heater
  • Handle
    for smaller heaters a convenient handle allows the heater to be moved in a practical and comfortable way
  • Wheels
    More common in large heaters, they allow the stoves to be moved quickly

The Power of the Heater

Industrial heaters use watts as their unit of measurement to measure power. The more watts are indicated in the specifications of the machine the more space the heater will be able to heat. However, it is a good idea to buy a heater with a slightly higher power than that required to deal with the lack of insulation of the rooms from the outside.

If you need to heat a small area, consider using a radiant panel or infrared heater. You can also use an electric hot air generator with ventilation around 1.5 kW. Heaters around 4.0-5.0 kW for larger spaces, while gas, diesel and kerosene heaters are better for large industrial environments such as warehouses and sheds in general.

How to Calculate Thermal Requirements

There are some environmental conditions to consider when determining the size and wattage of the heater to be used:

Calculate Thermal Requirement

Degree of Insulation:

How much do you want to raise the internal temperature?

  • Isolated or non-isolated environment
    Whichever room is going to be heated, the level of insulation of the walls, ceilings and the presence of windows must be taken into account. Uninsulated spaces will need more power than well insulated environments. Heat the entire space or just a part. As already mentioned, if it is sufficient to heat a specific area, the choice will be oriented on a radiant or infrared panel, otherwise if it is necessary to heat the entire area, an electric or fuel hot air generator will be chosen.
  • Ceiling Height
    The heat tends to go up, the higher the ceiling the greater the power required.
  • External temperature
    The lower the external temperature, the greater the power required to reach the desired internal temperature.

Electric Fan Heaters

Easy to install and use, portable electric hot air generators are widely used everywhere: garages, workshops, work areas, warehouses, etc. These hot air generators convert electrical energy into heat and through the fan disperse the heat generated in the surrounding areas. The main things to consider when buying a portable hot air generator are:

  • Power and Phase of Current available in the area to be heated (kW, 230V, 400V)
  • Surface to be heated

Electric hot air generators with fan guarantee clean, fast and safe heating. They are great for emergency heating, are easy to use and 100% portable. The electric hot air generators with fan are made with the best certified components that guarantee high performance and reliability.

Knowing these variables, you will be able to determine which hot air generator will be most suitable for heating the room in question.

Radiant Heaters

Infrared heaters provide immediate heat directly to objects or people or animals within range of the heater. They work on the same principle as the sun's rays, radiating heat on the surfaces in its path. Radiant heating is an efficient system due to the fact that it does not need to heat the entire surrounding environment but only and immediately heats the affected surface. To give an example, having a large shed with an operator who occupies only a small area of it, it will not be necessary to heat the entire shed but it will be enough to have a radiant panel directly next to the operator. The radiant panels are also suitable for outdoor use, thus finding wide use also in the catering sector etc. Since they don't use a fan, they are very quiet. Infrared heating systems are able to copy the principle of heating that occurs with the sun's rays. Through integrated heating elements they produce and emit the same infrared rays. These rays have the characteristic of heating the surfaces and bodies they strike and not the air that surrounds us.

Infrared oil fired hot air generators generate heat immediately and precisely where it is needed, without any additional air movement. They are suitable for drying paint on walls, for defrosting machinery and pipes and for heating workstations. This highly efficient technology achieves significant energy savings and can be used in dusty areas.

Portable Oil Heaters

They are not recommended for use in garages and in medium-small closed spaces in general, hot air heaters with fuel are common for industrial applications. These powerful heaters take some time to warm up but are capable of heating your rooms like other types of heaters. Fuel heaters are particularly used for water damage restoration, drying of new buildings and for heating large unheated construction sites.

Industrial fuel heaters can be directly or indirectly heated.

Direct Oil Fired Heaters

Direct heating oil-fired hot air heaters are highly efficient devices that immediately generate large amounts of heat wherever it is needed. They work best in open or well ventilated areas, such as: factories, warehouses, construction sites. Master direct heating oil fired hot air heaters are known for their high performance, reliability and safety.

Direct combustion heaters can only be used in the presence of a source of ventilation from the outside. Therefore they cannot be used in marquees, environments with flammable materials and close to people.

Indirect Oil Fired Heaters

Indirect heating oil-fired hot air heaters are highly efficient devices, which serve to immediately generate a large amount of 100% clean, dry, smoke-free air. They are very suitable for rooms with poor ventilation, such as: workshops, tents for events, tents for emergencies, kitchens, fairs. It is possible to connect flexible pipes, which allow an easy distribution of hot air.

Indirect combustion heaters, on the other hand, are suitable for guaranteeing large volumes of hot air even in places with limited ventilation and with people present. In these heaters the flame is separated from the air outlet. They can be used in total safety even near delicate and flammable materials. Indirect heaters are often used in the industry in events, marquees and temporary structures. They produce neither noise nor odors. They are also widely used on construction sites where they facilitate the drying process. Indirect heaters can be positioned outside the area to be heated, the hot air will be directed inside through flexible ducts; or they can be placed in the room to be heated by bringing the fumes produced outside through an exhaust pipe.

Gas-fired hot air generators immediately ensure a significant amount of heat. They are very affordable, efficient and reliable. Portable gas heaters are ideal in well-ventilated areas, such as factories, warehouses, construction sites.

Gas and Oil Floor Standing Heaters

Floor Standing heaters systems for production environments are machines that produce high volumes of air to evenly distribute the heat generated within the work environment.

The choice of the type of heating, with a fixed heater in the center of the work area and with emission of hot air directly from the grids of the machine itself, or of a solution with ducted air, depends on various factors such as the power used, the type and the size of the room to be heated, the need to reduce the sound pressure and / or the air circulation flow.

Underfloor heating systems are normally used for centralized solutions, heating systems that are based on the use of so-called "hot air guns" are ideal for distributed heating solutions.

In the case of heating for work environments that use a "cannon" solution, indirect heating machines are generally indicated, which discharge the combustion residues outside. On the other hand, in the case of heating greenhouses or farms, it is advisable to choose direct heating machines which, in addition to maximizing fuel efficiency, also guarantee (thanks to the very high operating temperatures) a very low emission of combustion residues.

Hot air generators generate a large flow. Installation is extremely simple - just plug in and start the device.

The suspension heaters include a frame for lifting. They are suitable for areas with high air flow requirements such as greenhouses or farms, warehouses, workshops, etc. They can work with standard oil, LPG or natural gas burners.

Security Considerations

There are some safety considerations to keep in mind before setting out to purchase an industrial heater:

  • Overheating Protection
    to prevent the heater from overheating, the thermal cutout switch turns off the heater if it reaches a certain safety temperature
  • Cold to the touch
    some heaters are designed so that the outer housing remains cool to the touch
  • Safety distances
    Heater manufacturers provide detailed information on safe distances to be kept from walls and ceilings. Make sure you can respect them.
  • Electrical requirements
    the circuit that powers the heater must be able to carry the amperage and voltage required by the stove.
  • Do not block the openings
    do not obstruct the openings of the stove, drain or any other opening.
  • Shutdown
    Always switch off the heater and unplug it before any cleaning, moving or maintenance operation

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