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The Lavor pressure washer

There are several models of Lavor pressure washer on the market. The choice of the pressure washer model depends mainly on the use to be made of it. If it will be used for the classic household chores such as washing the car and motorbike, cleaning the driveway and the wall, washing garden tools and other similar chores, jobs that therefore involve the use of the pressure washer occasionally and not intensive, it will be sufficient to buy a hobby or semi-professional domestic pressure washer (for the most demanding) . In these two categories of pressure washers, the expense is relatively low, you can start from the basic models from 90 € to get you semi-professional models super-equipped with hot water from 850 €.

Lavor pressure washers

On the other hand, for those looking for a professional "construction site" pressure washer , for a heavy use the matter is quite different. For the purchase of a high-quality professional pressure washer we advise you to contact us to be guided in the purchase of the professional lLavor pressure washer that best suits your needs, expert technicians on the subject will be able to advise you on the model of pressure washer that best suits your needs.

Selection of Lavor pressure washers for Hobby users

Characteristics of the pressure washer

The characteristics to consider when purchasing the Lavor pressure washer that best suits your needs are the outlet pressure expressed in bars and the water flow rate expressed in liters / hour. As can be easily deduced, the higher the pressure, the greater the impact force of the jet on the surface to be cleaned. On the other hand, the greater the flow rate, the greater the amount of water available during washing, resulting in the shorter time spent cleaning larger sizes. All Lavor hobby and semi-professional pressure washers are powered with single-phase 230V current and can reach an absorbed power of up to 3 kW.

Hobby, Semi-professional and Professional Pressure Washer: What Changes?

A trick to immediately understand the quality of a pressure washer is to check its weight. Semiprofessional machines will certainly have a greater weight than hobby machines. This weight difference is mainly due to the type of engine they are equipped with.
In fact, the semi-professional high-pressure washers are equipped with an Induction Motor which guarantees high reliability thanks to the fact that they do not wear out quickly if used frequently and for medium-long periods as is the case with hobby high-pressure washers.

When we talk about professional high pressure washers , we are talking about another planet. These are machines built to work continuously for hours , the declared pressures are effective , the materials used are made to last over time , the reliability far exceeds domestic high pressure washers . It is no coincidence that the costs are also higher as the Quality / Price ratio rule applies.

In the event of a purchase of a professional pressure washer , we invite you to contact us directly to be guided in the purchase of your pressure washer. Our qualified technicians will be happy to clarify all your doubts and will be able to show you the model / brand of pressure washer that best suits your needs. To contact us you can fill out the form on this page or you can call us directly on 0432 655 325.

An eye also to the Equipment

Basically, all Labor pressure washers for domestic use are supplied with a gun and a high-pressure hose, and then, depending on the model, with or without hose reel, and complete with accessories such as variable jet lances, surface cleaning lances, nozzles, brushes for washing the 'car etc. Accessories which, however, can also be purchased separately at a later time.

Our Selection

We have selected for you some Lavor pressure washer models based on construction characteristics and price. If you do not find what you are looking for or if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

Lavor Cheaper Pressure Washer

Lavor Fury 110 pressure washer

For those who do not want to spend and have no great demands, Lavor Fury 110 could be for you. Compact, lightweight and easy to use pressure washer. Suitable for car or motorcycle washing and for all those outdoor cleaning jobs that do not require too much effort from the engine.

Supply 230V
Absorbed power 1.5 kW
Max pressure 110 bar
Scope 330 L / h
Weight 6 Kg

The Lavor Super Accessorized pressure washer

Lavor STM 160 pressure washer

Designed for all possible uses. Lavor STM is a super-equipped low-cost pressure washer. This is not a semi-professional pressure washer but the uses that can be done are truly multiple thanks to the accessories with which it is supplied.

Supply 230V
Absorbed power 2.5 kW
Max pressure 160 bar
Scope 510 L / h
Weight 13.3 Kg

The Lavor pressure washer with the best value for money

Lavor Pascal 20 pressure washer

Of much higher quality than the hobbyist, Lavor Pascal 20 pressure washer is equipped with an induction motor that makes it more reliable even for even more demanding housework. The right compromise between quality and price in this semi-professional pressure washer.

Supply 230V
Absorbed power 2.1 kW
Max pressure 140 bar
Scope 400 L / h
Weight 17 Kg

The Most Powerful Lavor Pressure Washer

Lavor Giant 28 pressure washer

For the most demanding, the Lavor Top pressure washer is among the semi-professional ones. With the incredible maximum pressure of 160 bar with a flow rate of 510 L / h Lavor Giant 28 is suitable for deep cleaning of stubborn dirt of large surfaces> 100m² !!

Supply 230V
Absorbed power 2.8 kW
Max pressure 160 bar
Scope 510 L / h
Weight 25 Kg

Notes on the Lavor company

The Lavor Group has been a world leader in the production of cleaning machinery since 1975 and offers complete product ranges for both domestic and professional use. Lavorwash has its main headquarters in Italy, plus branches in various countries around the world and multiple production plants in Italy and abroad, in particular: in Italy for the production of high pressure washers and household appliances for internal use and industrial cleaning systems and professional, in Milan for the production of domestic vacuum cleaners; in Brazil for the production of pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for the South American market; in China for the production of hobby pressure washers.

In 2017 Lavorwash became part of the COMET Group, contributing to the creation of a very strong reality on the market, which has over 700 employees and a total turnover of over 170 million euros. Lavorwash's commercial offer today becomes even more important and complete, being able to count on a precious and highly specialized know-how gained over the years by all the companies of the group in complementary market sectors: this allows it to present itself to customers with a offer and expertise that other companies can hardly boast.

Why buy from Indors

Indors boasts over twenty years of experience in pressure washers. Over 300 models of the best brands, for domestic, professional and industrial users. Not just sales, Indors is an authorized service center. Consult the catalog of pressure washers online and do not hesitate to contact us to be guided by industry experts in choosing the most suitable pressure washer .

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