Professional pressure washers

Indors is the Italian Leader in the supply of Professional Pressure Washers .

Indors also offers complete pre and post sales assistance , with a repair shop and a home pick-up service . Trust Indors to purchase the professional pressure washer that best suits your needs, qualified technicians will be able to advise you in the best possible way. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Professional pressure washers

Indors is the Italian Leader in the supply of Professional Pressure Washers .

Indors also offers complete pre and post sales assistance , with a repair shop and a home pick-up service . Trust Indors to purchase the professional pressure washer that best suits your needs, qualified technicians will be able to advise you in the best possible way. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Features of the Professional Pressure Washer

Professional pressure washers are characterized by the high degree of reliability given by the high design standards and by the choice of quality materials for the mechanical parts .

The first evident difference between hobby and professional machines lies in the type of electric motor : the former almost always adopt brush motors (which by construction have both temperature and wear problems), the latter inductive asynchronous motors with thermal protection .

Again with regard to engines, it can be observed that the rotation speed in professional high-pressure cleaners in general is half that of those used in domestic machines ( 1450 rpm compared to 2800/3200 for hobby machines ) and that this alone involves a 'intrinsic greater reliability of professional machines .

Another important difference between the two types of high pressure washers lies in the declared performance : the pressure and flow rates are in no way comparable with those of common high pressure cleaners, in fact in the professional case the pressure values are intended at the exit of 10 meters of high pressure hose and before the lance, while in the hobby these values are measured at the pump outlet.

It is also important to note that a high pressure value does not mean having an effective cleaning machine, the cleaning effectiveness is instead strictly related to the water flow rate :

We now come to the aspects that concern the heart of a professional pressure washer: the pump unit . The pump unit of professional high-pressure washers is always easily removable and repairable , unlike hobby high-pressure washers which at the first failure it is normal to throw away the entire machine. The pump group is linear and therefore adopts a sophisticated connecting rod / crank system and not the simpler rotating plate with return springs.

The heads are made of brass (not nickel-plated aluminum) and always adopt a by-pass valve to protect against pressure shocks . The valves are always in stainless steel and the pistons are entirely in ceramic or in ceramic stainless steel (currently this is the only solution that guarantees the duration of the pressure performance of a pressure washer).

The aspects concerning the equipment of professional high pressure washers should not be overlooked: they are normally equipped with a total stop or delayed total stop device , pressure regulator, pressure gauge in a glycerine bath . In the case of high-pressure washers with petrol engines, they use an electronic speed regulator and a speed reducer in the coupling between motor and pump .

Even the basic accessories, the hose, the lance, the gun are of a professional level with a water connection in brass or stainless steel , a hose with metal mesh and much more that make these "simple" devices durable and effective and not "simple toys" .

Uses of the pressure washer

Pressure washers are generally used for washing various types of surfaces. As can be deduced from the same name, they exploit the pressure and flow of water to remove dirt and encrustations. The situations in which we can successfully use a pressure washer are numerous.

A pressure washer can be useful for external cleaning of cars, trucks, buses, etc., it can be used to clean machinery, it can be used on floors of workshops, of various industries, but also on asphalted, cemented or paved yards, on external walls and roofs to remove mold and moss.

The pressure washers are used in the most disparate ways and thanks to the high water pressure they can eliminate anthills, restore old and painted wood, with the help of special nozzles the pressure washer can help us unclog sewer pipes. In winter we can even use it to unclog frozen pipes (in the case of hot water machines and with the help of drain cleaners). With the help of sandblasting lances, the pressure washer can instead be used to clean non-washable surfaces only with high pressure water (removal of paints and graffiti, cleaning of plaster), with the aid of special rotating nozzles, some types of barrels can be washed, including French barriques, used for aging wine. Some very powerful pressure washers (with pressure that even exceed 1000 bar) can cut various materials, including granite!

Professional Cold Water Pressure Washer

Cold Water Professional High Pressure Washers generally work with an operating pressure ranging from 130 to 200 bar and have a flow rate between 9 and 21 l / min (540/1260 liters per hour) . These machines can be equipped with both axial and linear pumps and normally have brass heads . Depending on the quality level required, the pump unit can use high quality stainless steel pistons, ceramic coated stainless steel or, in the most sophisticated solutions, pistons made entirely of ceramic . The electric motor to drive the pump can have two or four poles (230v / 400v) and with powers normally between 2.5 and 9.5 Kw. It should be noted that the machines in this category are always equipped with a Total Stop device which is useful for preserving the engine if the machine is not used.

Professional Hot Water Pressure Washer

Professional hot water pressure washers are the ideal tool to remove stubborn or non-water-soluble dirt . Hot water pressure washers are used in various sectors such as agro- engineering , food , industrial and construction and are an excellent solution for cleaning machinery, machine tools, engines and means of transport. (often covered with oily dirt). They are successfully used in the food industry to clean and remove animal and vegetable residues , in the cleaning of stables or construction equipment such as concrete mixers, cranes, earth-moving machines, etc.). Finally, if necessary, they are an excellent means for the sanitation of things and environments.

Why Use a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are used when oily or particularly stubborn dirt needs to be cleaned . The washing efficiency of hot water is in fact considerably more effective than cold water (up to 50% more) as the high temperature favors the dissolution of dirt.

Finally, remember that thanks to the heat emitted, even the washed surface has a faster drying time and this translates into:

  • a shorter washing time
  • a shorter drying time
  • a more thorough cleaning of non-water-soluble dirt
  • less use of detergent
  • lower fixed cleaning costs.

Advantages of the Hot Water Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is a machine widely used in the cleaning of commercial and industrial environments that combines washing with high water flow rates and the use of high levels of pressure and temperature. These characteristics are particularly important when cleaning is aimed at removing substances from surfaces impregnated with grease .

As everyone knows, cleaning a dirty floor with residues of industrial grease is not absolutely easy, much less if we rely on a rag, brushes and a bucket of water!

In these cases, even the use of a good detergent could be insufficient: here is a typical situation where a hot water pressure washer allows you to complete the job with the minimum effort and in the shortest possible time . Hot water high pressure washers are much more effective than cold water ones in degreasing operations . In fact, if we use cold water to remove a grease stain, the result will be mainly to create many hydrogenated micro particles which, like a wax, will be lost on the entire surface and which in the long run will create a thin layer of fat which, like a veil, will retain the dirt even more and make cleaning more and more difficult.In these cases it is much better to rely on a hot water machine that, by spraying water and steam at 140 degrees, dissolves the grease stains almost in an instant: this is the type of application of pressure washers most common in food production plants. Today's very sophisticated machines are able to work with steam, hot water or cold water and at the same time use, to ensure the best result, even detergents that often have even "green" formulations and make the pressure washer an ecological product, a real alternative to chemical treatments.

Professional Pressure Washers Petrol Engine

Professional high pressure washers with gasoline engine , almost entirely with cold water, are proposed as the solution when an electrical connection is not available or the latter is not of adequate power to support the type of machine we have to use (think for example to sandblasting the external walls of an old building). They are therefore suitable machines for construction site activities (construction or road) , for cleaning needs in agricultural activities , but also in any other activity where a completely autonomous and easily transportable equipment is required. A professional pressure washer with petrol engine is also ideal for those who practice sports such as motocross, rally or for those who own boats and who are faced with the problem of washing their vehicles away from home. The professional high pressure washers with petrol engine are extremely robust machines (they adopt high quality pump units), they are easy to start and offer a high reserve of autonomy with low running costs .

Professional Diesel Pressure Washers

Professional high pressure washers with diesel engine combine the versatility and autonomy of machines with internal combustion engines with lower operating consumption than petrol engines. Almost always also equipped with a boiler for water heating , they combine the strength given by the pressure and quantity of water with the high temperature which is sometimes essential to quickly and effectively remove non-water-soluble dirt such as grease, oil and other heat-sensitive substances. This type of machines, generally heavier than the petrol counterparts , are real construction machines and although they can also be equipped with inflatable wheels, they are usually transported and positioned in fixed locations by means of transport trolleys. The diesel machines are also often equipped with a 230 Volt current generator capable of supporting loads up to 1.5 Kw .

Fixed Professional High Pressure Washers

The fixed professional pressure washers are machines designed to be stably positioned on the wall or on the floor using special brackets in stations dedicated to washing machines and machinery . Other possible locations are those inside stables and farms where it is decidedly more convenient to use a suitably connected device, rather than solutions with a free power cable. They are always equipped with an electric motor (single-phase or three-phase).

Ultra Compact Pressure Washers

The ultra-compact professional high-pressure washers with extremely small dimensions guarantee quick and easy transport thanks to the reduced use of coating elements, these are machines with high technological content. They are suitable for professional use of any kind.

High Pressure Cleaners 500 bar

The professional very high pressure cleaner is mainly addressed to the sector of companies operating in the construction sector , shipbuilding , steel mills and foundries (steel and metalworking companies), the chemical , food or energy industry and in general where requires the use of extremely powerful equipment in terms of pressure and flow .

The main applications are therefore to be found in the removal of paint, rust, graffiti from both steel and concrete surfaces, in the removal of mortars and plasters , in the removal of deposits and marine encrustations , in sandblasting and cleaning of decks and holds. .

Assistance and Repair Service

The machines marketed by Indors are built according to the high quality standards required by the professional sector . Indors chooses its machines by carefully evaluating the quality / price ratio , the general construction quality and the ease of maintenance and repairability of the same: values and criteria generally neglected in the case of hobbyist and semi-professional machines.

By purchasing a pressure washer from Indors you will also have purchased peace of mind: our support and assistance will guarantee you quick and timely solutions to any problem that may arise in your machine thanks to the guaranteed availability of spare parts .

Indors is a Technical Assistance and Repair Center for pressure washers able to guarantee efficient and professional repairs : speed of intervention , competence and availability are our strengths.

In case of breakdown or malfunction, wherever you are, send your machine to be repaired to our Service Center or take advantage of the service of: Home Collection

With the products treated by Indors you will never be surprised. Even after a long and intense period of service or if your machine is now "tired" and requires an overhaul, with Indors you will always have the certainty of getting back a machine in perfect order at a low maintenance cost: spare parts produced in Italia guarantee reasonable costs and your equipment will enjoy a long and efficient working life.

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